anyone remember those "stained glass" decorative kits craft stores used to have?

When I was a kid, occasionally my aunt would get these decorative kits from the craft store which were meant to mimic a stained glass piece. they had aluminum frames cast into the shape of whatever it was supposed to be (flower, house, etc.) to simulate the lead cames and baggies of clear plastic pellets of various colors. You put the metal frame on a baking sheet, then filled the various compartments of the frame with the colored plastic pellets, and baked it in the oven to melt the plastic and out popped something which looked like a stained-glass piece.

anyone remember what those were called? This would have been from the early '80s or so.

Ooh, I remember those! I believe they were called “Make it. Bake it.”

I don’t know if there is a name in general, but I’m sure one of the brands was called “Makit & Bakit” (when I cleared out my mother’s house after her death I had to dispose of dozens of jars of those leftover ‘crystals’ from her Girl Scout troop days.) Googling that might work.

Yeah, I remember that (and I also remember also “Shrinky-Dinks” which were somewhat Shrinky Dinks - Wikipedia)

Yes, we had a really great(and pretty big) Christmas stained glass window one.

Hmm…do they still make these?


that’s it. as soon as I read the words “Makit & Bakit” in your post, it clicked.

thank you (and Rhiannon8404 too!)

They sound rather nice.

Yes, I have purchased several for my daughter. Most big craft stores still carry them.

You can do something similar with pearler beads and metal cookie cutters

I still have a Shrinky Dinks Christmas ornament I made with my grandmother when I was about ten. I have such good memories of that day!

they were, some were rather intricate. unfortunately it looks like the ones they still make are all rather twee; ponies and rainbows and stuff.

There’s also another style of stained glass thing now, where you paint with semi-transparent PVA-based paint onto a plastic sheet, then peel it off and stick it onto the window. That one’s rather nice, because you can do any image you like.

Wow… Now I feel old.
I do remember those kits, but as a kid, I remember actually getting formed lead strips and actual glass. I don’t think that would be legal for sale nowadays :confused:

OMg, I remember both the Makit Bakits and the ones you peel and stick very well! They’ve both been around since the 70s. Big craft stores like Michaels carry them.

Every couple of years I’d do their Christmas kit. They also had a kit with miniature shapes, and one year I made those into a mobile.

I still have a couple of the peel and stick flowers on our back door window. They’re nearly impossible to peel off, so beware.

I remember them being called “suncatchers”. Googling reveals a lot of links for what they call “melted bead suncatchers”.

Looks like JoAnns still sells them.

I had a similar nostalgic pang a decade ago and made the same discovery that you did. All the interesting Makit Bakit kits from my youth had been replaced by ponies and rainbows. I ended up finding someone selling a bunch of old kits from the 70s on EBay and bought them so I could make Christmas ornaments with my kids.

Just got my daughter one of these kits a few months ago. Amazon has them.

The discount store I cashier at has them for $1.99.

They appear to have an emoji line now, including the poo emoji.