Anyone see the Beatles live?

My mom saw them in Atlantic City (where she grew up) in 1964, on their first U.S. tour. She was 15 years old.

44 years later, I took her to see Sir Paul in Tel Aviv.

Seattle, 1966. We had cheap seats way up high, so we could barely see them. Thank goodness we brought along some binoculars. (We could hear them just fine, though.)

My uncle was there, too. It was a “circle in the square”, so they rotated the little stage 90 degrees after each song or group of songs (or did they move their mic stands, amps, and Ringo’s modest drum kit?).

Ringo’s kit was on a round riser, which somebody came out to rotate. The other Beatles just moved their mic stands around the stage. You can see the process at the very end of this clip.

Cool, thanks.

Before I went to prison I sold tickets for a band that looked just like The Beatles use to look and sounded just like The Beatles use to sound. They played for the queen of England. I saw them on TV, but I never saw them in person. Oh cawd!

We never got to find out why, but when my wife was attending the Foundation for the Junior Blind in Los Angeles, she missed out on an outing to see them at Dodger Stadium. :frowning:

My bff’s dad had some connection with the management at Comiskey Park and was able to score one-half dozen tickets to see the Beatles in August 1965. After the family was accommodated, they still had one ticket to spare and I was the lucky friend who got invited. We had good seats and could see the band, but the girls screaming was so loud, intense, and non-stop that although we could hear the instruments playing, we couldn’t hear the singing at all. Our seats were right next to the tunnel that the Beatles used to leave the stadium after they were finished playing, so I was able to take a quick blurry snapshot of the tops of their heads as they passed.

I was 9 years old at the time and while it wasn’t the best concert I ever attended, it was definitely a memorable spectacle of a phenomenon very much of its time and place. I’m so glad that I got to go.

Atlanta with my sister, several cousins, and my dad. I was 13. The concert is on YouTube. It is one of the few in which they are audible above the screaming.

When I saw them at Comiskey Park, all I did was scream. I was somewhere on the third base line, and they were on the pitcher’s mound, I think, so I couldn’t see them really sharply.

I remember screaming at the Amphitheater, but I had found out that if I put my fingers in my ears it seemed to filter the screaming, but not the music. Everyone was very quiet when Paul sat on a stool and sang “Yesterday” however.

I saw them in August 1965 at the Hollywood Bowl. HUGE crowds, a ton of screaming, and tiny tiny guys waaaaaay down there on the stage. But man, was it worth it!

Pete Townshend apparently witnessed the aftermath of this. In the Quadrophenia song 5:15, he referred to ushers spraying the seats with perfume after a Beatles show …

Albert Goldman in his book on John Lennon says the American teenyboppers had that reaction, wetting themselves. I am skeptical about anything Goldman says.

Nik Cohn described a similar accompaniment to early Rolling Stones’ concerts in England.

Mrs. J. reports seeing the Beatles live on August 18, 1966 at Suffolk Downs (near Boston). No eau-de-cologning mentioned.