Anyone seen Dagon?

Alright, for several months now, I’ve been reading about this movie called Dagon based off of an H.P. Lovecraft story. Now, most movies based off of Lovecraft’s stuff have been low-budget, poorly acted pieces of merd, but this one looks REALLY impressive. The thing is, the only place I’ve found any kind of copy of it was at Best Buy. Even at our super-dee-dooper video store here in Austin, I can’t seem to find a copy of it, but I’d really like to see it. So, has anyone here seen the movie? What did you think? Tell me about it (spoilers welcome). I’ll give the video store another week or so, but if I get enough positive reviews, I may just buy the damn thing. Anyway, write me back and let me know. thanks.

Hmm. Dagon is actually a novel by Fred Chappell, firmly rooted in Lovecraftian traditions. Did they really make a movie of it? Woah.

Terribly sorry. Just did a search and found that indeed there is a Lovecraft story Dagon. Curious that Chappell would re-use the title…

Your post reminded me of this film. Haven’t seen it yet, but it’s available here on Pay Per View, so I’m setting my TIVO to get it at 4:00am. I’ll post my thoughts tomorrow after I see it.

It was really good. Directed by Stuart Gordon, based more on The Shadow Over Innsmouth than the story Dagon.
There were some neat touches. One thing I liked is that since the movie was made in Spain for budgetary reasons, the name of the town was changed to Imboca rather than Innsmouth. I thought that was pretty witty.
The ending is very much in the spirit of Lovecraft’s endings, specifically the end of The Shadow Over Innsmouth.
The flashback was well done, as mas much of the movie. A little bit of the violence was too far over the top IMHO, but this is from the director of Re-Animator, so what do you expect.

I liked it. Paticurally since Imboca looks much like Innsmouth is described to have been like.

Yeah. Towards the end, I was thinking it reminded me more of Evil Dead then of Lovecraft, and thought it was interesting this college geek got so good at killing people(er, frog-fish-squid things), but I liked it still.

In some of the still shots and whatnot, there seems to be a rather impressive scene where they skin a guy alive. It looked incredibly well done, but I’m not sure…was it a bit too much?

My opinion is that this movie is very bad and not worth watching. But if you are interested in seeing it rent, don’t buy.

It’s in the movie. Pretty good effects too, it just seems a little out of place after they went to so much trouble to build an atmosphere of dread…

It’s OK-- very atmospheric, with some clever touches here and there.

The ending is more or less a Lovecraftian ending, but unfortunately, I didn’t think the movie led to its own ending very successfully. I mean, the lead guy spends THE ENTIRE MOVIE fighting the evil fishy-humans, trying to rescue his girlfriend, etc. And then at the end he winds up underwater, discovers he can breathe with his creepy rib-gills, and is all, “Oh, OK, this is cool. Guess I’ll go be evil now with the hot octopus babe. No matter that we’re brother and sister. Yay, Dagon!”

Definitely worth renting if you’re a Lovecraft fan, because it’s the best adaption of Lovecraft I’ve seen. We actually found it at Blockbuster, believe it or not. Try calling around to rental places in your area to see if they have it.

I give it a resounding “eh”. It may have been my mood, but it was somewhat faithful to the original story.

Might want to rent it before you buy.