Anyone seen Flickerstick in concert lately?

When “Welcoming Home the Astronauts” first came out I went to a Flickerstick concert and they Sucked live. Sucky McSucksuck. They were so drunk they didn’t remember their lines and didn’t play the music anything like they wrote it (and weren’t experienced enough performers to creatively alter it.)

Fastforward what, almost 4 years? Now I get a notice that they are playing in a small/medium club in Orlando, The Social. What’s more, tickets are only $3.50. On the downside, I’d have to pay for parking and gas to get to downtown from Winter Park.

So, has anyone seen them live lately? Was it good? Do they have good stuff in addition to their Astronauts CD?

First off - I haven’t.

BUT … I do know a guy who was in a band that opened for them in 2004 and, while I left before they hit the stage, that guy said they put on a pretty good show.