Anyone seen Ronald C. Semone lately? [Edited: Apparently passed away in October]

His last post was last October.

I suspect he won’t be coming back.:frowning:

Could be coincidental, but some of the stuff in his posts jibes with his bio in his obit.

Well, S**t.


I think this is better suited to MPSIMS than ATMB. I have also edited the title to indicate the apparent bad news.

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That’s a shame. I’ll update the In Memoriam thread soon.

I think we need to add another name to the list, too:

Gail, who had been suffering from cancer for quite a while. I couldn’t find a public death notice for her, but her facebook page has a mention of her service (this past December). She’s in the Straight Dopers facebook group if anyone wants to check it out.

And, also on the subject, there was a poster with the ironic name of hope, who died with a handful of posts some years ago. So far, she was the first confirmed death at the SDMB.

chowder went missing a couple of years ago. Though not especially ‘old’, he was in his late-60s. He disappeared without any warning, and seemed active and happy posting here. Given his age and the suddenness of his disappearance, I fear he’s ‘missing and presumed dead’. Really Not All That Bright started a thread in ATMB eight months after chowder’s last post.

I am sad to hear that Ronald C. Semone has apparently passed on. He seemed like an interesting fellow.
I guess it’s better to know what happened than to wonder. It’s sad that there are many posters who just stop posting and we’ll never know if they’re ok or not.
I’ve wondered for a while now whatever happened to 3acresandatruck, mostly because he had mentioned having heart disease. Hope he’s ok and just got bored with this site.

He’s 3acres over at GiraffeBoards. His last activity here was the day after registering there.

Good to know. It’s always concerning when someone who has a health problem suddenly stops posting, but I’m glad in that case at least everything’s ok.