Anyone stayed at the Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton National Park?

I’ve always been intrigued by the Prince of Wales Hotel at Waterton Park - it’s one of the old railway hotels, and the combination of chalet style and the location looks spectacular!

Link: Prince of Wales Hotel

Anyone had any experience staying there, or the park generally? is it a good vacation location for a family with a young’un?

I’ve certainly been to Waterton Park many times, and while I’ve never stayed in the Prince of Wales, I have had lunch in the bar there a few times.

It seems very nice. You enter into a huge, high lobby, where afternoon tea is served daily. The dining room is to the right, and the bar (the “Windsor Lounge,” if I recall correctly) is to the left. The reception desk is beside the front door and a gift shop is on the other side of the door. The upper floors, where the rooms are, surround the lobby. The bar, the lobby, and the dining room all have spectacular views of the lake.

But there are drawbacks. I was surprised to find, as recently as last year, that Interac was not accepted. The elevator (there is only one) is old and rickety, and you have to have a staff member operate it for you. I’ve never been in a guest room, but based on my conversations with guests in the bar, they are not very modern.

I think the park would be a terrific place to vacation with a child. Deer wander freely around Waterton townsite, and bears are occasionally seen on the road to Cameron Lake. There are a variety of hiking and walking trails, of all lengths and difficulties; and when you’re tired of walking, there are boat cruises up and down the lakes. It’s a great park, and I think of Waterton as having all the attractions of Banff, but with fewer tourists.

But I’d think twice about staying at the Prince of Wales. It is definitely worth a visit, just to see a grand old railway hotel. However, there are other places to stay in Waterton that might be more suitable for a family.

Thanks, Spoons!

Interesting. I’d heard that there was no internet access or tv’s in the room. Just blue-skying at the moment, but I’ll keep your comments in mind.