Anyone studied in France?

Okay, I’m about to head back to France to study (hopefully, at the Sorbonne). I’ve already spent a semester there, so I know very well what to expect…except for a couple of things:

  • When I was there the first time, I was learning French, so I didn’t have to take any language proficiency tests. Has anyone taken the TCF (test du connaissance de fracais)? I speak French on a daily basis with my girlfriend, but she is from Taiwan, so we both speak it as our second language. I’ve had a lot French people say that I speak French, “Very well,” but I always have that idea that they’re trying to be nice (something you don’t often hear said of French people).

  • Does anyone know the best way to get a part-time job tutoring english, playing music in a bar, teaching guitar, writing for a magazine, etc etc? I’ve heard of FUSAC, any other ideas?

  • Any other tidbits of knowledge would be great.

I’m still waiting on my freaking visa to come in. I hate this stuff.

Have a good day/night.

This is a very small idea, but since you’ll be in the area, you could call in to the médiathèque at the Centre Culturel Irlandais (rue des irlandais, behind and to the right of the Panthéon) where there’s a noticeboard that tends to have some flyers offering bits of work to English speakers.