Anyone successfully use a logical argument to convince your partner into having sex?

“My ship sails at dawn” That logic didn’t work when I was active duty and my ship actually did sail at dawn. It still didn’t work when I was a reservist drilling in Las Vegas and used the line outside the former Showboat or lesser-know Paddlewheel casinos.
Maybe I’ll try “Ya know, baby, there’s a Dope thread/poll we could respond to but we have to have sex first, for the sake of honesty and accuracy.”

No, but a serious student of logic can absolutely argue his way to a Vulcan hand job. They use the Spock sign grip to finish you off.

“Have sex with me, and you’ll be able to honestly say to all your future partners that they were nowhere near the worst you’ve ever had.”

When faced with a potential new partner, and she’s doing the whole “I want to, but I can’t. We just met.” thing, I always had success with “If you want to, you should. If you don’t, you shouldn’t. But if you want to and you don’t…well, that’s just a mistake.”

They always realize that they do, in fact, want to have sex, and so their logic never gets to the “…but…” part.

I’m reminded of something I ran across online the other day:

Wife: “My gynecologist says I can’t have sex for two weeks!”
Husband: “What did your dentist say?”