Anyone successfully use a logical argument to convince your partner into having sex?

I know this is generally a bad idea, although I’ve made the mistake a few times with girls (unsuccessful each time).

There are a lot of left-brain types here so surely it has worked for someone at some point. What did you say? Did you try to appeal to her sense of commitment, duty, sympathy, etc?

I don’t think this is going to be a thread of epic proportions.

Although I will be paying attention just in case.

I imagine women who have trouble conceiving have been able to convince their male partners that now is the best time to have sex because they’re fertile. I’ve (female) also been convinced by a male partner that now is the best time to have sex because their roommate will be gone for the next hour. I don’t think these arguments would tend to work well on someone in a new relationship, though. Especially not if the convincee is a virgin. But in an established relationship, sure.

“Look, do you want to be sacrificed to that volcano?!”

Gross. Why would I want to have sex with someone who’s only doing it out of duty or sympathy? I’ve never been so desperate in my life where that would be preferable to jerking off.

Aside from the example of fertility consideration and maybe a few other things I’m not thinking of, it’s actually pretty skeevy to badger your partner into sex. Just sayin’.

Probably the odd male ferret has been successful.

“I’m leaving for a month tomorrow morning. We really ought to have sex tonight.”

I don’t have a cold opening one, but once, after some heavy making out, things went from the couch to the bedroom with “would you like to have an orgasm with me tonight? Because I’m pretty sure we’re each going to have one later anyway even if I leave right now.”

Don’t take this thread too seriously, I just thought it would make for some amusing discussion :slight_smile:

(until the guys from the Seduction Community brick it up with walls of text)

For the purpose of conception it was used on me. It was not fun however, it just took all the magic out of what sex was suppose to be. Now I was all for having the child, but trying to calculate the best time of month and day and hour using fertility charts and the like, no, just no.

::clap clap clap::

What really puts it over the top is that you explicitly state that orgasms are the goal, rather than just sex, where an orgasm is not a given for many women.

I’ve occasionally said no to sex when I’m not in the mood, but I’m always in the mood for an orgasm.

The only one that worked for me, and I swear I was joking when I said it, was “You want that baby, right? And you’re ovulating now, correct?”

Yeah, that one too…

Pretty much the only one that works.

I just thought of another one. Sometimes neither of us can sleep, and we figure we’ll sleep better after an orgasm. :stuck_out_tongue:

Neither of us needs any convincing.

If after the fact your partner figures out that you have essentially talked your way into having sex with them, you will regret it. People don’t take kindly to being manipulated in that way, “logic” be damned.

Yeah like that. Not convincing her to have sex, convincing her to have sex now.

Yes, quite often. It always works. Except one time, I tried using emotions instead, that’s not a good idea. I’m not good with that, logic works best.

Emotional intelligence trumps logic when you’re dealing with the fair sex, especially when you’re trying to get them into bed. In other words, “logic” won’t help you if you are emotionally immature.