Anyone taking Cerefolin NAC?

My neurologist is giving me the option of taking Cerefolin NAC to help improve my cognitive processing. (See thisthread about a recent example.)

His attitude was more like “you can try it if you want to” than “this will absolutely help you”. So I’m going to the Dope to see if anyone has any experience with this “medical food” (that’s what they’re calling it: sorta halfway between a dietary supplement and a prescription drug). Standard disclaimer: You are not a doctor. I’m not looking for medical advice – just other people’s experience with this.

Do you have any experience with Cerefolin or know of anyone who has? What was your (their) experience like? Did it help? Side effects? Do you know a good (inexpensive) place to buy it? (It will be on my dime, since my insurance probably won’t pay for it.)


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