Anyone try Masterclass? Is it worth it?

I get a lot of ads for this Masterclass thing, which, I assume, is a series of online videos instructing one in a variety of topics.

According to Masterclass, were I to pay the $240 annual fee, I will soon be writing (Aaron Sorkin, David Mamet) directing (Ron Howard, Spike Lee) and acting in (Helen Mirren) my own blockbuster movies, which I’ll score myself too (Deadmaus) though only during business hours because I have to get to my restaurant every night to cook incredible meals (Gordon Ramsay) and on the weekends I’ll be winning millions in poker (Daniel Negreanu) wowing audiences with my jazz skills (Herbie Hancock) and writing award-winning columns (Malcolm Gladwell).

Has anyone here ever gotten anything good outta these things?

I haven’t purchased any, but have also been a little curious about the quality of the content.

Podcaster Justin McElroy watched Steve Martin’s comedy Masterclass, and his comments made it sound like it really was pretty much what you’d expect: basically Steve Martin giving some kinda generic, kinda hacky advice, drop a few celebrity names, and ramble a bit about his career.

Screw the writing, directing, acting, and music. What I want to learn is how to convince a high-powered Hollywood agent to agree to represent an amateur!