Anyone use a Chromebook?

I know they are limited but they are also very low cost. Looking for opinions.

I love my Chromebook. I use it for primarily for web surfing at home, and some light word processing which I can do through Google Docs. It’s simple, easy to use, and it doesn’t get viruses.

I am posting this on a Chromebook right now. It’s not my primary machine because of the limitations of the Google word processing and spreadsheet programs, but it’s great for its purpose (web use). Small enough to go with me every day to work or wherever, and I also installed a lightweight Linux build side by side with the Chrome OS.

Bought one for my 85 year old mother last year. Now she never calls with computer problems. It’s a very decent little gadget, fine for web browsing and email.

Just understand that is almost entirely web-based, not a “download and run programs” computer.

I love my Chromebook. I even use it for photo editing using the Google+ photos tools - I got this Toshiba which has a great HD screen.

I also love love love how quickly it boots.

I have an Acer. Great Chromebook. Here is a link to a good book on Chromebook.

A library I used to live near had a stack of them that they handed out to people to use as free computers. It seemed perfectly suited for email & web surfing. I imagine if I wanted a mobile workstation for my home or office, it would be handy with the right software on it, but I’d still want a base station with a bigger hard drive, CD drive, HD monitor, gaming capabilities, etc.

I had one on a kind of extended loan for a little while, but it never replaced the old, beat-up laptop that I use as my “sit on my recliner and surf the internet while watching TV” machine. I have big ol’ sausage fingers and the small keyboard was no good for me. I’m also not entirely on board with literally every single I do being tied to my Google account (not that I don’t already use Google for everything else, but I guess that’s a bridge too far).

Pros: it’s fast and efficient and does pretty much everything it says it can do. It is exactly what it claims to be.

This can’t be emphasized enough. If you haven’t tested the start-up time on one, go to the store and try it. It’s one thing to hear that it boots up in five seconds, but a whole different thing to see it in action. As a second computer, these are unbeatable.

How do you install Linux on it?

You have to disable the built in Chrome OS protections. It’s extremely useful to me, but it makes the system far less secure.

I love mine, except for not being able to install Skype on it. If I could do that, it would be perfect. The incredibly fast boot-up is a major plus, and the quick shutdown as well. It’s my kitchen table computer.

Yes, I love crouton on my Chromebook–and it’s still more secure than Windows. :wink:

I am posting on an OLD chromebook, not sure how many years ago I got it. but I love it for surfing the web - you open it and it’s ON, no waiting. never gets a virus, almost no popups.

do not miss Windows one bit!

My mother got one for my daughter for her 10th birthday. It’s okay for her use. I can’t use one myself, because I sometimes have HIPAA protected documents on my computer, so I can’t/won’t use the Cloud for those. (I could probably pay for expensive HIPAA compliant Cloud storage, but I won’t.)

I did pick up an Acer not-Chromebook laptop a couple of months ago. It’s decent, except that it keeps downloading updates designed to move me to Cloud storage, too. Nope. So I spend a few minutes a couple of mornings a week uninstalling what it’s installed for me so I don’t accidentally save something to the wrong place.

We got them for my kids for Christmas. They love them. There are two programs my 11 year old still uses my wife’s MacBook for- playing Minecraft, and a program she uses for her music lessons (Smart Music). Neither will run on a Chromebook. Other than that, they’re great. I don’t use them but I imagine I’d be able to do 95% of my normal stuff on one, or more.

I got one for my daughter (13 years old). Works great. The school district uses Google Drive and Classroom, but I would have gotten it for her anyway.

Loads really fast as has already been noted, and there are more and more apps available in the Chrome Store

Lightweight, long battery life as well. I believe I got one with a 13 inch screen.

You actually CAN install Skype, via some kludgy workarounds.

Or use Google Hangouts to video chat.

Eventually, most Android apps will be available for Chromebooks.

My son’s high school gave them out to all students. He’s been using it all year. He’s had to do research papers, lab reports, presentations and a bunch of other things with it. I was rather impressed with how much it was able to do.

He has a desktop for gaming, though. Can’t do much of that with the Chromebook other than some small apps, I think. I have a tablet on the end table for surfing or mindless game playing while watching TV or chilling out. It can do everything the Chromebook can for about the same price. And I can store stuff on the internal memory.

That’s the best thing about them.

I was on an extended vacation and I spilled a bowl of pho on my Windows netbook. I always have to have an internet PC and the cheapest one at Best Buy was a Chromebook. I liked it well enough, but the inability to run Windows apps is kind of a deal breaker for me now that Chromebooks have forced Windows netbooks/tablets to be competitively priced.

Now that my Chromebook has died, I think my next netbook will be one of those convertible ASUS Windows netbooks/tablets (removable keyboard with touchscreen and a full blown Intel processor).

If cheap is the biggest factor you can buy an HP Stream for even less and they run windows (& Microsoft Office programs!) rather than locking you into Chrome. I love mine.