Anyone use AnchorFree?

User experiences using AnchorFree welcomed as I am contemplating using such a service given that internet providers can now collect and sell my Web browser history (Thanks Trump). If you are not in favor of AnchorFree, any suggested alternatives?

Sigh. Once again, this is not a new thing. ISP’s have been legally able to collect, bundle and and sell your browsing history as long as there have been ISP’s. Other internet companies, like Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc., do the same and the proposed legislation would have done nothing to stop that. In my humble opinion, reacting now is a bit like trying to raise the Lusitania by bailing.

There’s nothing wrong with a little additional caution now that you’re aware of the problem.

I would do your homework on the types of services available. Some types of this service will provide more privacy than others. Most will only provide privacy on wi-fi or public networks. It looks like Anchorfree sells levels of protection. The basic level will not provide what you are looking for. The higher levels may, but you’ll need to take a deeper read through to verify that.

There are other service providers as well. CNET or a similar tech rating service may help you sort this out based on what features you are looking for.

Thanks Sunny Daze. Is there any particular product that looks good to you?

What exactly are you trying to achieve? Complete privacy from your ISP?