Anyone use CenturyLink fiber?

CenturyLink has rolled out fiber to my neighborhood, and their internet-only, 40 Mb package is $30/mo for one year (with about $150 of one-time startup costs.) I can’t find anything about their ongoing price beyond the one-year teaser rate. Anyone have any experience with CenturyLink? What is their on-going price for different tiers of service?

Not a lot of CenturyLink fiber users, I guess! The CenturyLink guy I talked to told me their base price is $74/month, though he flatly encouraged me to call back after a year and demand that the intro rate be renewed.

I’m signed up now - guess we’ll see how the fiber service really is!

We have CenturyLink, but we have the basic internet over phone lines.

They make it hard to find out their regular, stand-alone pricing for anything. Most of their readily-visible prices assume the presence of a bundle.

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