Anyone use KaZaA?

A freind has proclaimed Kazaa, a peer to peer file sharing program the greatest thing since sliced bread. But the ratings for it at, with only a 64% approval rating, make me wonder if the program is all that great. Any opinions?

For gods sake DON’T DOWNLOAD KAZAA. It’s spyware. There was a thread about it a few months back.

There is another version of Kazaa, called Kazaa Lite, which is apparently sans spyware. The mods frown on direct links to filesharing software but you can google for it.

It comes with vast quantities of spyware and adware. Do not install it unless you enjoy constant popups and ads.

Kazaa Lite works by substituting the spyware file with a dummy file. Make sure that if you run AdAware after installing Kazaa Lite that you set that file to be ignored because if it’s deleted, Kazaa won’t work.

Yeah… This thread should last long…

Anyway… I use kazaalite for all my filesharing needs, good stuff.

I’ve heard it’s a breeding ground for viruses as well.

It also makes you less attractive to the opposite sex.

The mods frown on threads that promote file-sharing software of this type, and close such threads.