Anyone use Oberweis Dairy delivery?

I’m somewhat intrigued by the notion of having a milkman, and the added bonus of the rest of the stuff on the menu has me looking seriously at starting up an account with them.

So anyone have any experience with them? I’ve tried their milk (bought a bottle from the store), and it was pretty good. How’s the rest of their products? How’s the service?

And for the curious, there’s a link here.

One of my friends here in Spfld does, and is very fond of the service. She likes the other products as well – previoulsy she got her cheese and other dairy products from a co-op, I believe, and she said the Oberweis quality is good.

I don’t drink milk and only use it for cooking from time to time, so I haven’t tried them myself.

I used to get oberweis delivered to when I lived at home in the burbs. Never any problems, although in winter make sure you bring the milk in reasonably soon after the delivery or it will freeze and explode the bottles.

Damn, that was fast. Thanks, guys!

The biggest problem I can see is that I don’t normally go through a 1/2 gallon each week. I think I’ll have to ask them if I can go to a 2 week schedule for the standing order.

I have thought about it for my gf and myself as our kids go through a lot. (we live across the hall from each other) However, it would be all too easy to add a gallon or so of dulce de leche ice cream to the order and then I would have to eat it all with dire consequences for my waistline :slight_smile:

Great great products, even their lemonade is spectacular.

Used to.
Pretty pricey, IMO.
But w/ 3 kids, we go thru quite a bit of milk.