Anyone used 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

I have about one garage bay full of crap that has to be removed. 1-800-GOT-JUNK won’t give a price estimate until they’re on site, but could anyone give me an idea of what I should expect to pay - $50, $100, $200 or more?

Expensive compared with the little guy with the truck, but more professional than most.

Every few years, I rent a dumpster from the local trash man. I don’t know the size – it’s not the smallest, but it’s not the big one that contractors and roofers use. It costs $35 if I keep it for a week. I can put anything in it except paint and chemicals.

It’s amazing, the junk that accumulates. Busted electronics, stained clothing, raggedy towels, VHS tapes, bad gifts, stuff that I’ve hung onto for years that nobody will want when I’m gone.

I called once and asked for a quote, they wanted around $200 I think, for the same volume of stuff I got rid of for $30 with a pickup at the local dump. Maybe two pickup loads.

Yep. Insanely expensive. I used them, because I left everything to the last minute, didn’t have ready access to a truck (even though that’s a concession I wrang out of my BIL as a condition to his marrying my sister), and needed to get a bunch of junk out of my way fast. But they were prompt, professional, etc. Just insanely expensive, which you’d expect from an outfit that capitalizes on people who lack the time and the transportation to take care of their junk themselves.

If I had it to do over, I’d plan things a lot better. I think that’ll be on my tombstone.

I use them all the time, but I work for a waste brokerage and we get a special deal … so the pricing i could discuss wouldn’t do you much good :frowning:

and by using them all the time, I can remember seeing an invoice from them across my desk for a special project for one of our client companies of over $150K for one week :eek:

On the other hand, yjru do specif that they will recycle 80% of the load, no hidden charges like specialty disposal fees if there are dead electronics or appliances in the load, they are invariably polite, call you about 30 minutes when you show up and it helps if you can tell them when asking for price if you can phrase teh quantity in terms of how long it would take 2 healthy guys to schlep the load into a truck [in 15 minute increments] and a rough description of what there is to toss.

$35 to drop it off empty and haul it away full a week later is a serious bargain.

A 30 yard dumpster is around $300. This should take care of all of the items in a 1 stall garage, and still have room for other stuff. But you have to fill it yourself.

I know! Lots of things are cheaper in the boonies.

But just wait. I’m calling for a bin this week, and the cost has probably gone up. Last time I used one, gas was under $2.

I live in the Vegas Valley and when I called them she told me how the pricing worked. It is billed by eighths of the area used. I used 5/8 for a total if $404. The 2 guys were professional and friendly! They even swept up the garage and driveway. I would recommend them and WILL use them again!!! I made sure each of them had a cold soda and tipped both of them!!! I love this service!!! I am disabled and my husband works all day 6 days a week and they just made my day so much better!!!

If it’s not really garbage, but just things that have no value to you anymore, try Freecycle.

Just list the items and you’ll have people begging you to come and pick it up and haul it away.