Anyone used a weight-loss/appetite supressant pill that works?

I’m looking to lose some weight over the next few months, and along with diet and exercise, I would like some help in the form of a metabolic booster/appetite supressant, but I don’t trust TV testimonials. What have you all used that works?

Lifting weights and eating a relatively high-protein diet will boost your metabolism and keep your appetite in check. Save your money.

Phentermine works like a charm and in addition to supressing your appetite, it makes you grind your teeth down during the 2 hours of sleep that you’re lucky if you get every other night. :eek:

I recommend drinking alot of water. When I remember to drink my recommended daily amount of water (which is roughly… alot), I’m lucky if I can force myself to eat much at all.

I’ve had good results with Stacker 2 and Ripped Fuel.

I lost 60 pounds in less than a year with the help of phentermine. It’s prescription-only, so you would need to find a doctor to prescribe it to you, and most health insurance plans don’t cover it, so you have to pay out of pocket, but it’s not that expensive because it is available in generic.

I didn’t have any sleeping problems. You just have to make sure not to take it too late in the day (take it an hour before lunch).

It works by controlling your irrational cravings. So instead of feeling hungry 24/7 when you know you really shouldn’t be, and craving junk, you can easily limit yourself to healthy small meals. The pounds just melted off! I went from 195 to 135 (I’m 5 foot 7 inches). And from a size 16 to a size 8 (almost a 6!)

I know this post is old but I did a search under “phentermine” and this one came up. Im curious about trying this pill out but Im having some confusion about its marketing. Most sources claim its a controlled substance and can only be prescribed but after a short google search I find multiple retailers selling it online without a prescription. What gives?

I lost 180 pounds in just under a year and a half just by watching my intake and taking Stacker 3s.

'course, I’ve also been taking Equate caffeine pills (Wal-Mart brand No-Doz; Stackers are mostly caffeine) the past few weeks in an attempt to lose the twenty I’ve since put on while also saving money and am having similar results.

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Phentermine is a scheduled medication (Sched. IV, IIRC), and does require a prescription in the US. Some places may have providers on staff who do phone interviews and then write you a prescription, but this is illegal in many states now. They may be located outside the US (bringing up a whole different set of illegalities), or they may not be selling actual phentermine.

All that said, and anecdotes like NS’s above aside, the evidence for phentermine isn’t very good. It works well while you’re taking it, but that’s only supposed to be a very short time (12 weeks, I think). In the studies, nearly all the weight has come back once the patients stopped the medication; average is about a 6-pound loss after 36 weeks.

There is no medication that safely causes significant and sustained weight loss. If there were, I’d hand it out all day, in between mainlining it myself.

Alli works. It is a fat blocker and is now OTC. But, it does not cause rapid loss. I have used it, since it first went OTC, and have now lost around 5#.

I have had two “urgent bathroom” calls from using it. Not so bad.

I have taken Phentermine and absolutely loved it, but this is coming from someone that would wear the feed bag of cocaine if it was legal. I love speedy type medications. Some people hate it. I had to get a prescription and like Doctor J said, there are some places you can order it with a “prescription” versus a real prescription via phone docs. Don’t know about the legality. When I take Phentermine I lose weight rapidly and exactly where I want to. Unfortunately, I also put it right back on when I stop taking it because it only controls hunger, it doesn’t change your eating habit.
I took Alli back when it was prescription and called Xenical (I believe they are the same thing). My experience was not a good as DrDerth’s.
Orange poo. Clogged toilet. General nastiness. But, DrDerth may have had bad experiences with Phentermine so everything is YMMV.
Your best bet is still good old fashioned diet and exercise. If you need to control hunger I suggest water water water and apples and oatmeal. Filling, full of fiber and not so many calories.

I’ve had a few friends try out Alli and from what I hear “urgent bathroom calls” might be a very nice way of explaining the problem heh. All of them quit taking after they had substantial . . .leakage.

I took Metabolite (I think that was it; it was a cheaper form of Metabolife) for a couple of weeks. It worked, if your idea of working is something making you so hyper from caffeine that you can’t eat or sleep. I am pretty caffeine-sensitive, though, so that might be why it affected me so strongly.

While it isn’t exactly marketed as a weight loss pill, I’ve been on Wellbutrin (aka zyban, bupropion) for around a week and a half and my appetite has started decreasing. The best way to describe it is that solid food has begun to lose its appeal to me.

Per this website Wellbutrin has shown to help with weight loss at the 300mg-400mg levels, although they looked at the SR version rather than the newer, more common XL (once a day) version.

Spending all your money on drugs instead of food will do it.

Well I lost 60 pounds from December 2004 - October 2005 and haven’t gained any of it back, so it worked well for me.

Here in Virginia my doctor was only allowed to prescribe a one-month supply at a time, and I had to go back to his office for a checkup each month before he would prescribe more. So they are pretty strict with it, here at least.

I’ve tried hoodia and I really like it. You take two capsules half an hour before lunch and the same with dinner. I was able to eat reasonable portions of food, slow down and be satisfied with what I had. My heart didn’t race, I didn’t feel wound up, I just didn’t feel hungry. Maybe I’d feel the same with a placebo, but the hoodia worked for me when I remembered to take it.

You should listen to what your parents and teachers preach: Drugs are not the answer!

Are we so lazy and disabled as a species that we need drugs to be at a normal body weight? Get out of your cars and ride a bike. Unless some organ in your body is spewing chemicals all over the place that makes you put on pounds like they were nothing, you shouldn’t require drugs.

It irks me that we are a society where many see drugs as the answer to being overweight when it is really a matter of how much you eat, how athletic you are, and what your lifestyle is. Humans are meant to be active on a regular basis, not sitting around all day and eating everything tasty in sight.

Absolutely. Phetermine is far far better than ephedra ever was. It is absolutely fantastic. I was actively eating disordered when I became pregnant. I ate everything because I didn’t realize how to eat properly. I gained 94 pounds (110 - 204) and after a year, I was still at 186. Phentermine got me down to 134 in 5 months. I was remarkable less hungry, and was able to make rationally good choices for my meals when I was hungry.

Elliptical trainers are also a WONDERFUL way to get a good workout.

BTW, phentermine made me a little twitchy for about a week. Then I was just mildly euphoric and very optimistic.

I guess it depends. I’ve done the online thing where you do a questionairre and a doctor precribes the pill – those work great.

If you can just buy the pill without a script, it seems that they don’t work so well. I doubt those are real phentermine.

You are best off getting an in-person doctor to prescribe the med.

Wellbutrin IS a good way to lose weight. I’ve heard as much as a 15% weight reduction. It also helps with smoking addictions.

I never really got to take it because it is not prescribed to eating disordered patients.