Anyone used Best Buy Geek Squad to install Car items like Stereos.Alarms or Remote Starters?

I’m looking for first hand experiences with Best Buy Geek Squad car option installs.

I want to get a remote starter for my wife’s car. Best Buy seems to be the dealer for the Viper Remote Starters.

How was your experience with Geek Squad auto installers? Neat and clean installation? Wires properly hidden?

Did they screw anything up?

Did they program the item correctly? Remote Starters for example can be programmed to auto shut off the car from 1 to 60 minutes. I think I’ll get mine set to 20 minutes. Theres a kill switch on the brake in case a thief tries to jump in and take off. It needs to be properly setup by the auto tech.

Neat,clean, very fast. Not a complaint one.

I used Best Buy to install my kids stereo I bought there last fall. Looked OK at first but when we had a different problem with the car that required getting into the dash a day or so later at a Pep Boys the Pep Boys manager called me over to the car and after showing me all the sloppy short cuts and shitty install procedures (some potentially electrically hazardous) the installer used suggested I go back to Best Buy and demand my money back.

He had no dog in this fight as the stereo install was unrelated to the electrical issue I went to them for, but it was such a crappy job he was incensed. I didn’t go back to Best Buy for a refund but I will not go there again for installs. There was no pride in workmanship it was obvious the Best Buy guy was trying to pound out the job ASAP and get home.

I think it’s all going to depend on the installer you get wherever you go.

It’s always a gamble taking a car to any service shop. I had good luck at Sears in the late 80’s. Sears installed cruise control in 2 of my cars.

I’ve never used Best Buys service shop for anything. Wasn’t sure if they hired experienced service techs or not.

Best Buy installed XM radios in my last two cars. I would definitely go back again. (PS, they will also de-install your XM radio for free if you want to move it to a new car. )

They installed a remote starter in my car just before Christmas (it was one of my presents from my boyfriend). I think they did a great job; it was done in exactly the time they estimated (and they even got me in early, which worked out great), the installer was very professional and I didn’t feel like I had to search my car to make sure nothing had been stolen when he was done. I’ve been really pleased with the starter (especially after this winter), and would definitely go back.

Warning: you’ll likely lose one of your keys to the process. Apparently they have to actually install a key in the dash to…do something… that makes the starter work. We gave them the valet key, and it worked out fine. They’ll tell you all about it before you make your appointment to have it installed, but I would suggest talking to them before you even buy the system, just to make sure it’ll work out. My boyfriend was very surprised when they told us about the key, since the salesperson hadn’t mentioned it.

Say what? Do they deduct the replacement cost of the key from your bill?

No. I had two of the electronic key fobs and one ‘old school’ valet key for my car, so I had no problem sacrificing one. Apparently that’s the price of being able to step into a warm car. :slight_smile:

You actually end up with two more electronic fobs from the remote starter kit, so that definitely helps too.

They did a good job on my mom’s minivan with a stereo head unit upgrade. Did a fine job with every aspect of the install. One thing that wasn’t well explained over the phone when I called about it was that the car and stereo involved needed an installation adapter kit and wiring harness. This added almost the cost of the head unit to the bill, essentially doubling the price. Was still a good deal, tho. Also, they completed the install in a timely manner.

I got a (third party) remote start installed in my old car and I didn’t have to give up a key.

Just don’t get a Viper. They are overly sensitive and constantly false alarm.

ETA: I re-read the OP. It’s Viper ALARMS that are crap. No opinion about their remote starters. But I wouldn’t suggest buying one of them either. The sooner that company is driven out of business, the better.

BBY had mobile electronics installers long before they had Geek Squad employees. Not sure why they put them under the Geek Squad name now since they don’t have much to do with eachother. BBY’s mobile installers used to be (and still should be) MECP certified. Something that Mom & Pop shops often are not.

I have the Viper LED 2-way, and haven’t (knock on wood) had any problems at all with it. Sorry to have extended the company life a few months. :slight_smile:

Got my appointment made. Two weeks from now. Best Buy has three stores in my Metro area. Only one location has a tech that installs auto electronics. He’s booked solid.

It’s not Best Buy’s fault. It’s to override your factory alarm.

When you start your car the car checks to see if the key is present in the car. In older cars with a chipped key, it would physically pass a current through the key. Since the remote starter is essentially hot wiring the car it needs a key to pass the current though so the car starts.

I’m not sure how cars with smart keys handle the situation. I wouldn’t want one of those tucked under the dash (like the chipped keys) because then anyone who hopped in the car could hit the start button and go.