Anyone vote anyplace unusual?

I voted this year at an empty storefront in the mall. Before I moved, it was at a rescue squad station.

I voted in the warehouse used to store…voting machines.

I voted in a nursing home once.

My current polling place is in a supermarket. It used to be in the attached shopping mall, but they removed the enclosed section and made it a strip mall, so there was no where to put the machines.

At one point, it was at a sheet metal dealer’s.

We used to have a “voting house”. This was a small, 20x12 foot concrete block building. Poll workers had to go out to the car and provide curb service for any handicapped voters. There were no amenities of any sort.

Two years ago they moved my voting place to the volunteer fire department’s new building. It’s handicap accessible, has plumbing with running water and all that sort of cool modern stuff.