Anyone vote anyplace unusual?

Most voting places are either schools or churches. But sometimes there are other, more unusual places that are designated for voting.

Personally, I vote in a 'Steamfitters Union." I’m not even sure what a steamfitter is, but I’ve voted in their union building for the last 7 years, ever since we moved to Tucson.

Anyone else?

For one local election our polling place was a neighbor’s garage.

I have to vote at the police station. This would be all right but I used to work there. I’m not looking forward to it.

Does the County Board of Elections count? I voted there today because I’m going to out of state canvassing on election day.


My polling place in 2004 was at a funeral home.

The last time I voted (in 1999) was at the Australian Embassy in Washington DC – I voted in the Republic Referendum, and since then I’ve been off the rolls for being outside the country too long.

I vote in a fire station. I don’t know why they moved it from the elementary school across the street – maybe they were worried about security.

Mine will be in my own condo building.

My polling place in 2000 was in a Surf Museum - that was when I lived in “Surf City, USA” (aka Huntington Beach, CA).

I voted while sitting on the floor of my livingroom in Prague.

Mrs. Homie and I vote at a bowling alley.

I’ve voted at a church before. Currently, I vote at a senior citizen’s center.

3rd Grade Classroom for me.

I voted on Monday, in a supermarket. That’s where our early voting stations are located. Makes it darn convenient to vote, I tells ya.

My polling places have been an elementary school, another elementary school, a senior citizens’ center, a Catholic church, a synagogue, and now a middle school.

I early-voted at the county board of elections this year, but usually I vote at a 160-year-old observatory.

Why on earth would you not just vote provisionally, then?

And to answer the question, I know that during one election, I did vote in someone’s garage. This year, I’ll actually be a pollworker, but not in my own precinct, so I’ll just hand in my mail-in ballot where I’m working that day. It’s at a community center.

Pole barn.

I vote mostly in church or school halls. The most interesting place has probably been the Australian High Commission in Wellington in New Zealand.

I voted last night while sitting in my bed, recuperating from knee surgery.

I love, love, love the permanent absentee ballot voting we have here in Washington.