Anyone wanna buy the house Miss Cleo built?

Of course, you need a spare $8.9 million. Apparently, California-born “Jamaican shaman” Miss Cleo is in some dire straits, and even moreso Steven Feder–the owner of the “psychic” hotline she headlines. It is his home that’s for sale.

An article detailing the situation: Embattled psychic hotline owner puts mansion up for sale

And of course, a link to a web site advertising the property, complete with Ipix virtual tour:

Golly, with down payment of a mere 20% ($1.78 million), your monthly mortgage is a paltry $46,702! :eek:

Something I’ve often wondered, Miss Cleo aside, what kinds of people live like this?? And why? I like a nice house and I like to be comfortable, but who needs 7 full baths?? Why such opulence? Is there a point other than showing off?

Honestly, if I hit a super-mega-lottery and money was not object, I still wouldn’t want to live in a huge place like that. Mebbe it’s just me…

Sheesh, the monthly payments for that place are more that each of my first two houses cost… I can’t even imagine…

Sorry for the hijack, Ruffian. My mind is boggled!