Anyone Want to Go See a Play on Sunday (SB, CA)

So, I have two tickets to go see The Underpants at the Ensemble Theatre Company Sunday night at 7.

At the time, I never thoughtBut, alas, I have been unable to find someone to go with me. I have already asked 5 different people, and have had no luck. Many of my friends are done with school this week, and are heading home, and I don’t know that many people in town, yet. I figured before I started asking random people on the street, I’d ask random dopers.

So, anyone want to go?

That’s crazy. No one wants to see a show called THE UNDERPANTS? What is this world coming to?

If I were less than, oh, 4+ hours away, I’d be on it in a second.

Ah, and I should say that I see The Goat will be playing at that same theater in February & March. If you get a chance, I’d go see that one, too.

It was playing here last month, and I caught a performance. It’s an interesting subject matter to begin with. But it’s both funny and gut wrenching.

But, but… it was written (ok, “adapted”) by Steve Martin. You know you want to see this, people.

Wow, and I just noticed that I screwed up my OP. That was meant to say: “At the time, I never thought I’d have trouble with this, but alas…”

And I’ll be seeing The Goat too. I got season tickets. :smiley:

I would love to do just about anything in Santa Barbara – but I’m on the wrong side of the continent, not just the wrong side of the Camarillo grade.

twicks, UCSB class of '76

If it helps, I don’t mind telling the ladies of California that I’ve seen this guy in person.

He’s a bit of a cutie.

So you’d get to see quality theater, written (okay, adapted) by Steve Martin, named UNDERPANTS, and you’d get to see it with someone who isn’t so tough on the eyes.

Okay, I’ll shut up now.

Thank you, scout; I’m flattered.

So, folks, what do you say?

I would go if I weren’t already working 5-10 pm. :frowning: