Anyone watching Death and Other Details on Hulu?

I assumed it was simply the All-new Scooby Gang’s next mystery.

I binged the series on Disney+, and enjoyed it. Though I’m not sure how much of that was due to my ongoing speculation as to what accent Mandy Patinkin thought he was attempting.

I’ve been waiting for all the episode to release. I’ll probably start this this weekend.

The last episode was released last week.

After being initially enthusiastic about this, mid-season I delayed watching new episodes longer and longer until I decided not to bother watching the last few at all. It seems I wasn’t alone in loss of interest.

My exact same experience. I really don’t care who the big bad turned out to be.

Yeah, an eight deadly words situation.

Mrs. Geek and I watched all of it. We enjoyed the entire series. I wouldn’t say it’s the best series we’ve ever seen or anything like that, but it was worth the watch (IMHO).

This went right over Mrs. Geek’s head since she’s not a fan of that type of music, but I got a chuckle out of it.

I have in the past stuck with watching shows (“Only Murders in the Building” comes to mind) solely because I wanted to find out who the murderer was. But this show couldn’t even make me do that.

I’m not surprised it wasn’t renewed, but I would have watched Season 2. I guess we’ll never know whose body parts those were at the end of the final episode.

I felt bad that Rahul Kohli didn’t get the girl in the end. And I sympathized with the goals of the villain. Imogene wasn’t very likable either