Anyone watching Death and Other Details on Hulu?

I am enjoying this Agatha-Christie-esque show with Mandy Patinkin. Only five episodes have dropped so far but I find myself looking forward to each new one. Anyone else watching?

I am. At least a couple of others are. (It has been mentioned in the “series I’m watching” thread.)

I was enjoying it for about two episodes but it’s just become one of those soap operas disguised as a mystery. I like the colorful wardrobe and sets, though. Still watching, but paying less and less attention.

I’m watching it. It seems to overlap a bit with the Knives Out movies.

And also the Poroit movies that Kenneth Branagh did/does. But I like those as well.

So, in one early episode it is mentioned that everything visible to visitors on the ship down to the towels is authentic to a specific time period. (1950s?) Now they are looking into a shipment of a die that used to be used but is now banned. That has to be something, right?

Well, it was a dye, not a die, but yes, that may turn out to be relevant.

And the idea that all of the furnishings are authentic period pieces seems really silly, especially when you could just buy new stuff that’s similar to the old stuff. That may be one reason why Sunil spent so much money on the whole endeavor.

BTW, there was a funny short scene in which Tripp Collier, the son of the owner of the failing mill company, tried to explain blockchain and cryptocurrency to someone.

Does anyone else see a resemblance between the actor who plays Sunil and John Krasinski? Maybe facial bone structure, or maybe something in their smiles?

Nah, to me he always just reminded me of the guy from iZombie.

Well, I wasn’t, but I will be now!

Same, pretty much. The plot seems to be getting unnecessarily convoluted and difficult to follow. But it’s beautiful eye candy.

Yeah, the fact he sourced authentic 1950s towels is ridiculous. Towels wear out, or get ruined or stolen by guests. Even if he was able to source a pristine batch of 1950s towels that were never used, they’re going to need regular replacement. Towels, while reusable to a point, are basically consumables. I’m sure the food served is not from the 1950s; nor should the towels be. And who would even notice or care?

My favorite bit so far was the busker playing

“Psycho Killer” by the Talking Heads.

Other than that, it’s too convoluted for my tastes. My wife, a huge Agatha Christie fan, is enjoying it immensely.

Violet Beane’s haircut is weird. is it meant to remind us of someone, or to be iconic somehow?

I just watched the finale. Random thoughts.

  • I liked the show to the point I looked forward to the next episode. To me that means they did their job in the age of streaming.
  • Violette Beane was very good. Can’t believe she was the same actress from The Flash.
  • The endgame was satisfying, if somewhat contrary to the overall plot.
  • I’m not sure what (who) we saw in the final scene?
  • Overall, it was too contrived. Too many things that couldn’t possibly have been counted on to happen drove the plot.
  • I will likely watch it again since it’s one of those shows that reveals things about the characters as it goes along and there would be “aha” moments in a re-watch.

I watched it to the end. It was fun enough, though I didn’t guess the identity of the big bad character.

To me that hairstyle, with the medium-length cut and aggressive bangs, says “moneyed leisure class generic Eurotrash” or “femme fatale from former Soviet Bloc country”.

I thought it ended well as well. I was somewhat concerned it would not, with all the messy plot threads, but they stuck the landing pretty good.

I friend who doesn’t have access to Hulu was visiting a few weeks ago and wanted to watch it. After four or five episodes she decided she didn’t want to watch any more. I honestly can’t remember whether I’m interested in watching the rest of it, so it couldn’t have made much of an impression on me.

One thing about the reveal of the big, bad Victor Sams; a different haircut, dye job and fake accent prevented Imogene from recognizing her mother. I think that’s unrealistic and that she would have noticed.

Agreed, plus a secretary one minute and a Bond-worthy super villian the next?

She told her daughter she had had plastic surgery to change her appearance (“surprisingly painful”). She also told her daughter “did you know it’s possible to change your eye color? I wouldn’t recommend it for you though-- I love your blues”.