Anyone watching TAR Canada?

First episode was pretty good. I’m glad the winning prize is decent ($250,000, 2 Corvette Stingrays and a pair of Air Canada Around-the-World tickets), you just never know with a Canadian production.

The host is decent (he won a Gold medal at 2010 in Skeleton? He was the one walking around Whilstler village chugging a beer someone gave him!). Using the same script as Phil but is doing well.

I like how the winners of the first leg won the 2 Express Passes and a pair of airline tickets to Australia (in the US version I don’t thing the winners of the first leg get anything but the Express Passes).

Kind of lame they aren’t leaving Canada, but they are travelling 23,000km which is pretty decent.

Teams are likable, love seeing Hal and Joanne (Body Break!). Would love to see them lose their sh!t at each other, they always seemed so calm and relaxed on TV.

Dude who lost his legs is doing pretty good.

So anyone else watching?


Not watching, because the idea of an Amazing Race set in Canada is extremely boring. Any reality TV show that films in Regina has to be bloody boring. And I live here.

Also, if Hal and Joanne don’t win, there will be riots. :smiley: