Anyone who has ever had to run Tech Support, youll love this!!

You may have seen this site before, but this cracks me up. This is this tech guys chronicle of tech support requests he recieves from his help desk I believe. Its pretty funny. The grammer is amazingly bad. Worse than anything Ive seen on this board!! :wink:




That’s beautiful, man…

Thirty-eight pages! Sheesh.

I want to meet this George guy and havening a drink with him.

For those of you who don’t read the fine print…

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“She would like read and write access to her computer” :smiley:

oh god… I can’t leave my cube… tears are streaming down my face… and I’m hoping I can keep from actually ROFLMAO… this is absolutely priceless… :))

Classic E-Mails


George rocks!

i am hevening a goot time reeding theze storees on my cp.

Sadly, I’ve worked with people that not only type up reports like that, but speak to customers in cryptic jargon, too. This site is now bookmarked right under Tech Tales!

**I spilld waddr on my kyboard and now svral kys do nod
work. Whad is fix? {Bsd splling I can do wid kyboard} **


Another link in the same vein: Computer Stupidities **

ok i havening problem seeing what so funny…

Thirty eight pages of this…man, that’s scary.

And Tech Tales of course :wink:

This is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a looong while!

I’ve often thought of doing the same things with the emails I get where I work.

I showed this to a co-worker, who was wondering why I was making little snorty I-am-not-laughing noises at my desk.

She looked at it and said:

“Oh. Virgo humor.”

I had to share that.

This reminds me - does anyone have a current link the the Bastard Operator from Hell stories? Those are the best…

I found it to be very amusing my self. Havening? lol

Current BOFH (Bastard Operator From Hell):

BOFH Archives (pre-2000):

Good stuff.