Anyplace I can go just for a nice long, hot bath?

I’m sick of my tiny little bathroom. I miss my long, lazy, hot soaks. Is there anyplace I can go for one? I don’t want to shell out $200 for a luxury hotel room. And a cheap, $60 hotel room wouldn’t have a comfortable bath tub. My gym only has showers. I hate saunas and steam rooms, and they’re not private anyway. What are my options?

No friends or family nearby that you can (you should excuse the pun) sponge off?

People I’m close enough to to ask don’t have adequate facilities. People who do have adequate facilities, I don’t feel comfortable asking.

This place is closed, but I’m sure there are others.

Try asking on craigslist. Hope they don’t have hidden cameras. Take a chaperone that can sit outside in the living room (or sit with you, to refill your wine).

A lot of spas offer this as a service, like here. The trouble is that they’re expensive and there’s a time limit.

If you asked around, there are probably some less expensive spas out there.

My hometown of Eugene has a joint called Onsen, that would rent private hot tubs by the hour. You could try to find something along those lines in your area.

I love the fact that the Japanese still think public bathing is ok. And it’s really not any weirder than a sauna or locker room in the states (at least for men. From what I understand women are less ok with that sort of thing). Maybe if the US had a surfeit of natural hot springs it would be different.

To the OP, sorry, got nothing. You wanted private anyway, so I guess it wouldn’t work, although visiting an onsen late at night or just before they close is a pretty good way to get a little privacy. Can you convince some friends to pool some resources for a hot tub that everyone can come use? There’s nothing quite like drinking beer or champagne sitting in a hot tub while snow is falling. It’s especially nice with a couple good friends.

Our town has a rent-a hot tub place, I think it’s $15 for a couple to soak for an hour. Sounds great, albeit perhaps a little gross depending upon how squeamish you are.

South Korea.

Ironically, from today’s edition of the NY Times:

Where do you live? There are Asian-style bathhouses outside of Oregon, and although they’re not private tubs, if you go at seven am, you could probably have the place mostly to yourself. Although I haven’t been myself, Spa Castle, a Korean-style bathhouse in Queens, got a rave review in the New York Times earlier this year.

They’re out there, though going somewhere with private rooms rented by the hour may have its drawbacks, depending on the place.

Use this, and change the “94114” at the top to your location and see if anything pops up.

When I was in school, my roommate and I would sneak into local motels and apartment complexes to use their hot tubs.

Hm. Still gives me only San Francisco locations.

Long ago as students, friends of mine sometimes used to sneak into a student hall of residence to “borrow” a bath. It’s bound to be against all sorts of rules, though.

As no- one else has suggested this, I suppose it’s a non-starter but are you at all near a major train station that would have baths? In the U.K. large train stations would have bath facilities where you pay a little money and they provide towels and so on. It can be convenient for the weary traveller, if for instance, just stopping in City A for a little while of hours then heading on to City B.

Kramer: I just took a bath, Jerry. A bath!

Jerry: No good?

Kramer: It’s disgusting. I’m sitting there in a tepid pool of my own filth. All kinds of microscopic parasites and organisms having sex all around me.

Jerry: Well, you used to sit in that hot tub.

Kramer: Jerry, that was superheated water! Nothing could live in that!

I’ve stayed at plenty of hotels for $60-$100 a night that had a hot tub next to their pool. Not completely private (although I often had it all to myself), but I got a nice hot soak after a long day on the track, and that’s all I wanted.

Not-really-private hot tubs don’t really help. What’s the point of a soak if I can’t be naked?

Well, you’re naked in many Asian bathhouses, just not necessarily by yourself.