Anything exciting going on in San Francisco this weekend?

Looks like I have the entire weekend to myself. I’m checking some event sites, but Dopers are wise and might have some super secret insights on fun that can be had.

Looks like I won’t be visiting Anchor Brewing. Their tours book months in advance!

Are you looking specifically for events or for any generally interesting thing-to-see-or-do-or-place-to-go? We’ve had plenty of “Visiting S. F.” threads in the last year or two, discussing whole bunches of things to see and do in and around S. F. – although not specifically about events happening “this weekend”.

If that’s good for you, search for them here, and you’ll have plenty.

See sfgate

These aren’t in San Francisco, but they’re easily reachable by car:

Artisan Cheese Festival in Petaluma

San Francisco Garden Show in San Mateo (you can get to this one by a combination of BART and Caltrain)

The events listed on Johnny Funcheap are pretty exhaustive . Or you can check out SF City Guides walking tours.

Was looking more specific events. I’m there regularly and have used some of the old threads and guides.
That cheese festival had slipped under my radar, thanks. Might checkthat out.

You all have already turned out better than googling “san francisco events”, thanks!