Anything I can do to keep foxes away from my house?

It seems red fixes have moved into our neighborhood and their screaming at night is quite disconcerting.

Perhaps there’s nothing I can do about that, but is there any way I can keep them away from my house? Particularly away from under my deck?

You need two wild and crazy guys (SNL).

Firstly secure the chicken coop and secondly obtain the services of a suitable hound to patrol the property perimeter.
Third option involves resorting to lethal force.

Adopt coyotes?

Their racket might be as annoying, but you’d have the satisfaction of knowing that the noise is your noise.
Which, I take it, is the rationalization of chihuahua and other barking.

Close your deck off , put your trash out on pickup day and not the night before.
If you have any pets don’t let them outside alone . Get some very loud wind chimes and hang them outside . You can also buy a device that give a off high pitch sound to keep animals away. People can’t hear it but if you have pets they’ll so will have to set it up away from house . Made sure your neighbors don’t feed the foxes this could be happen and they could be losing their natural fear of people. I had a coyote come right up my dog when were outside. The coyote was right next me and being hard of hearing I didn’t hear it , I looked down and it was sniffing my dog’s butt and he was so frighten he didn’t move . I yelled and the coyote ran off. I called the state wildlife expert the next day and she told me it sounds like someone is feeding the coyote and that the worst thing to do , they lose their fear of people . I would told to get a walking stick and made a lot noises with it when taking my dog out at night.

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When a friend asked the same question, it was suggested that he put mothballs under the deck. I can’t guarantee it worked, but the fox moved on.

You can trap and relocate foxes.

A few years ago we had a fox in our yard, behaving inappropriately. I shot it and submitted the body for rabies testing, which was positive. In our area foxes, skunks, raccoons and bats are the primary rabies vectors.

So… trap them in your gun sight and relocate them into a hole in the ground?

Do you live in where it’s legal to do this?

I don’t think they would prosecute if the animal were rabid.

Destroying a rabid animal that is threatening you, then having the brain tested to confirm rabies is encouraged.

I spoke with the PA Game Commission about trapping raccoons in our barn and relocating them. The guy I spoke with said he’d prefer the nuisance animals be destroyed, but if the landowner where I released them did not object, it was ok.

At work a few years back, a deer that was hit by a car dragged itself into my parking lot. It was unable to stand.

I called the PA Game Commission and they said they could have a warden come out in a few days. I then called the police and a PA State Cop responded. He sympathized, but explained that he was not permitted to discharge his weapon.

I ended up going home and getting a gun. Probably technically illegal, but hey.

A good fence is the best way to keep them away from your deck. If that isn’t possible a motion-sensing light and/or sprinkler can be very effective. (Scarecrowis one of the more popular brands but there are many different kinds available at various prices with various features)

Some scent based fox repellents are pretty effective but not completely, and they need to be applied again every time it rains. The ultrasonic noise makers don’t work.

If fox repellent doesn’t work get a fox taser.

As a resident of rural central Illinois growing up, we always used our own freshly cut hair as a scent based repellent against animals and it seemed to work well.