Anything New and Awesome in Magic: The Gathering?

Why yes, I’m looking for gift ideas for my 19 year old son, who’s increasingly difficult to buy for each year…

I’m afraid I know nothing about the game, his deck(s) or anything else useful. Anything “wow, COOL!” that’s come out this year?

:smack: Oh, right…there’s a Games Forum now. Self-reported for forum change.

This year they released a Holiday Gift Box. It’s a nice storage box with dividers and labels and stuff, and it comes with, I believe, four booster packs and a stack of land cards. It’s designed with just your situation in mind – you don’t have to know anything about the game or you son’s deck to know he’d like a few extra packs and a nice place to store his cards. MSRP is $20, and Target seems to have plenty. (Of course, if you buy it at a game store, they’ll probably mark it up.)


Sweet. Perfect. Thank you!

There you go, moved to the games room.

Buy that boy a Thragtusk. Can’t have too many.