Anything to do around Columbia, MD in July?

I’ve got tickets to the M3 festival in Maryland (rescheduled from last year) on July 4th weekend. If my family were to come with me for the weekend, they have no interest in seeing the show, but is there anything for them to do in the area? (17 year old boy and 22 year old girl). They don’t need to come with me, but if anyone is from that area and knows of anything they could visit or do while I’m at the shows, I might bring them with me.

Annapolis, Fell’s Point and The Smithsonian Museums are all a good bet. If you’re feeling energetic, Ocean City is doable in one day. Berlin, MD is really nice too.

I lived there a few years. There’s the shopping mall. The whole city is basically centered around it. There are two man-made lakes nearby. Wilde Lake has a park and a 1.5 mile walking path around it. In Columbia itself, that’s about it; it’s primarily just residential.

You mean, other than go inside and turn on the air conditioner?

Other than the monument marking the spot where Ms. P and I were married, not much. Baltimore is close by, though.

Yeah, Baltimore has the National Aquarium, a nice Zoo and the Science Center. DC’s not far away either.

Do you want to do a Dopefest? We haven’t had any of those for some time now. It’s been so long that I better explain what a Dopefest is. It’s when a bunch of Straight Dopers get together for an afternoon and an evening, usually at a restaurant.

Downtown Frederick is nice, and only 40 minutes away and a straight shot on I-70. Downtown Baltimore is 30 minutes away. DC isn’t too far away, but getting there might not be as much fun.

Six Flags America is maybe 30 minutes away as well. The ride section doesn’t get too crowded, the water park can get pretty packed though.

I need to think about going to M3, it’s been awhile since I’ve been, though I’ve seen most of the bands listed. The only one I’d really like to see is Accept.

well, no, because I’m going to be busy at the M3 festival. Just looking for some reason for them to come down with me…I think they’d like to visit the aquarium in Baltimore and go back to Ft. McHenry (we went there maybe 12 years ago, so the son at least only dimly remembers it).

If you/they do decide to visit Baltimore, along with the aquarium I would recommend Geppi’s Geppi's Entertainment Museum - Welcome!
I happened upon this place a few years ago, and loved it. Particularly if they are into comic books. But tons of movie and TV related stuff. A great place to beat the heat/humidity. Just time your visit when there isn’t an Oriole’s game - the museum is spitting distance to the stadium.

Annapolis is cool, but it was pretty crowded when I visited.

This looks like someplace I’d like to visit…thanks!

Also nearby is the National Cryptologic Museum

  • right outside No Such Agency

I saw that…it appears to be temporarily closed for renovations.

Sorry about that. It’s a fun place to visit - hope it is back open again soon

Just down the road (US 1) is Historic Savage Mill, a nifty place; I bought a pair of high-topped moccasins from a lady there almost 40 years ago, when I was in my Renaissance Fair phase. Take a hike along the Savage River while you’re there.

^ I beg your pardon – I was hoodwinked – the river alongside the Savage Mill complex is the Little Patuxent. Savage River is way out near Frostburg, MD. Now it all makes sense.