Anyway tried the R.U.S.E beta yet?

This just came out on Steam and can also be downloaded from this site; this is definitely not taking steam off Starcraft 2 (hehe). but it is neat in many different ways. It’s just the open beta though.

Simply put, R.U.S.E is a WWII/modern war RTS which allows you to control units from a bird-eye view instead of the traditional micromanagement. When zoomed out, you see the whole battle-field as though it is a planning war-game, with figure representing the units. As you zoom in, you see them as icons, then eventually individual units.

There is no need to fiddle with moving them precisely or changing their facing. Units move by the the fastest way possible. Tanks which can cut across forest will do so, while those could not will go by the roads. I haven’t play it for long, but I dig this. Micromanagement in RTS usually leave me frustrated.

Downloading it now, actually.

I played a bit yesterday. I kinda like it, although I wish there were more unit types. It seems fun but I feel as if it could get boring quickly.

Forgot about this thread for a while, sorry. I had to play 4 games before I won one, 'cuz there’s so much to adjust to. I like RTS games in theory, but I barely ever play them because there’s always so much ridiculous micro; I think the last one I was able to play without embarrassing myself was Rise of Nations. Naturally, this game is very much on my good side. LOVE the SupCom-style zoom and I hope it becomes the unquestioned standard in the future. Graphics are very good, if you have a computer that can run it.
The ruse abilities themselves I haven’t explored deeply, but at least there’s speed and morale bonuses you can use without thinking deeply about strategy. Some of them are contradictory, and one thing that hasn’t been explained is which one takes precedence when you do ‘make opponents rout faster’ and the other guy plays ‘prevent units from routing’, or the same thing with reveal enemies/hide friendlies. I haven’t done multiplayer yet, but I’d be down if anyone here wanted to play a round.

I have some issues with the interface. It’s not apparent what stack of units I am select (I am not an armor junkie, so I can’t identify tanks just by looking at their profiles). The targeting can take some time to get used to. Other than that, this looks promising.

I tried it. It would crash about 2/3 of the time I tried to launch a multiplayer game, and it was too difficult to select the correct units/see that I had selected the right units. It’s missing some very basic RTS features like designating groups of units once I’ve gone through the pain of selecting them.