anywhere that fireworks are illegal?

when I was growing up it was all illegal: sparklers, firecrackers, all of it. people went to their city’s firework display, it went on ONE night and that it was it.

now, everywhere I’ve lived in the last 10 years people can buy all sorts of fireworks and set them off for 10 days or so. I load up on Valium for my dog and forget trying to get enough sleep.

is there anywhere they remain largely something you go to for one night - rather than this on-going spend fest for everyone? damn, the money involved - that would keep me up nights if the noise didn’t.

When I lived in Plano, Texas you couldn’t purchase fireworks within city limits nor could you set them off. This didn’t stop people from setting off a few fireworks though. Here in Little Rock you can purchase fireworks but it is illegal to set them off. We’re in a drought right now and all by 2-3 counties are under a burn ban. Apparently fireworks vendors are not selling much product this year so I hope a lot of people have realized that dry conditions plus fireworks equals bad news.

the Nebraska panhandle is like Wyoming - almost anything goes. stupid, since we are also in a drought.

I used to like fireworks - they are beautiful! - until I got a dog that is afraid. he suffers so much, I now hate them. my vet tells me many, many pets suffer through this.

San Diego County, California does not allow fireworks, except for shows by professional firework companies.

Here is a map showing state fireworks laws. Fireworks are illegal in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Fireworks are illegal in San Francisco, but that doesn’t stop people from setting them off illegally.

Fireworks are illegal in New Jersey. The extent that it is enforced varies greatly.

that seems like the smart way to go, IMO. people get a good, professional show, from people who understand safety. it’s ONE night - July 4 - and that’s IT.

They’re de facto illegal in Illinois. Under state law you need to have a permit, but in reality nobody issues permits.

is enforcement pretty much urban? the more rural you are, the more you can get away with?

Our Fire Chief says that any fireworks that leave the ground or explode are illegal to use. Not to sell, just to use. So snakes or sparklers are OK, bottle rockets or firecrackers are not.

You can get permits for shows, but the training and regulations required prohibits all but the serious.

Pretty much. They are legal to purchase in Pennsylvania but illegal to transport to New Jersey. But that makes them easy to get. Some pretty big stores right across the river. There are just way too many fireworks calls around the 4th to drag them all in. Mostly its “knock it off your neighbors are complaining”.

I happen to love fireworks.

Yeah, but plenty of places (like where I live, VT) only allow “novelty” fireworks, like sparklers and snakes.

Of course, with NH being so close and selling a wide-array of fireworks, they’re still pretty common to see.

I’ve seen people get busted for illegal Mexican fireworks in SCal.

The “safe and sane” fireworks are illegal in Riverside County, California. They SHOULD be illegal in San Bernardino County, as well, but there are manufacturers in that county (one factory had a fire on-site many years ago–BOY was that an event!) and also many non-profit organizations which depend on the sales of the fireworks for a large portion of their yearly budget.

I used to & still would if they weren’t going off all around my house for 10 days. it’s too much.

plus, they ought to be pretty and in the dark. not just bang bang bang all afternoon long.

don’t know when I got to be such an old crock. :mad:

OTOH, in some states purchasing and possessing fireworks is legal. Setting them off is not. But it isn’t really enforced… if you have something that can be spotted from miles away, or your neighbors call in a noise complaint, the police will come and say “knock it off”. At least in my experience…

Here in RI, I’ve spotted fireworks for sale in a half a dozen roadside tents, as well as the local wally world. And all on main roads within mile of state and local police offices.

Huh…just did some searching, and they must have loosened the laws here a bit, because there are three REAL fireworks stores in VT now. However, their website has this caveat:

So you need a permit, but no one is going to check it…pretty much just a “wink wink, nudge nudge” type of thing.

Anything that explodes or flies had been illegal in all of California for as long as I can remember, but people always manage to get a hold of them, usually via Tijuana or the Indian reservations outside of Las Vegas. In Los Angeles County, Safe-and-sane regulations vary from city to city. My town and the immediate neighboring towns banned them back in the 1980s, but I can get some in two towns about 6 miles away. I live near a park and an elementary school, and we’ve been hearing/seeing stuff for the past week. Unfortunately, a lot of the local cities have canceled this year’s fireworks shows for budget reasons (our city said between paying for the show, the additional police presence, crowd control, traffic control, etc. the show ran about $130,000, which we just don’t have anymore), so there’s been an uptick in the do-it-yourselfers. PLus the 4th is on a Wednesday this year, so a lot of people are staying home. My dog is going crazy.
So while they are completely illegal in my neck of the woods, enforcement is pretty non-existent.

All of Colorado for this year. Turn on the news to know why.

Sparklers are allowed in Fairfax county Virginia, as well as fountains and such that are all at ground level, i.e. no rockets. Other counties may have different restrictions; (I think fireworks of any kind are not allowed in Alexandria).

In Florida most fireworks are illegal… unless you’re using them for “Agricultural Purposes.” So as you’re checking out at the fireworks superstore with enough mortars to put Disney to shame you have to sign a form saying you’re going to use them to scare birds away from your garden.