AOL 5.0 Browser

I downloaded the new browser from aol this morning and it certainly seems to work faster than the old one. Doesn’t look much different than the old one. It has these annoying little clicks going on when you mouse click something, not to hard to change I wouldn’t think as soon as I get some time. Anyone else download the new browser and have opinions, likes, and dislikes (Other than the usual aol complaints that is.)

I haven’t noticed those clicks you’re talking about. And yes, we all hate AOL, but my kids insist on having it and that’s my alibi.


The sounds are from IE 5.0s sound scheme. You can probably get rid of the by either going to Internet Options in the Tool menu or by unistalling the IE sounds from the add/remove panel.

Mundane pointless stuff I must share: I love those clicks. I spend a lot of time doing find and print research online that dose not require my full attention so I will usually watch the news, etc. while doing it. The clicks provide an audible notice that the page I wanted finally loaded.

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Where did you guys see this? I have Aol but its the default browser for aol4.0. I also have on a separate ISP, Internet Explorer 5.0, and I do not have any idea what you are talking about. Just what is a 5.0 browser for Aol?

They’ve been asking on their welcome page if you want to check and see if your browser is Y2K ready. When you click on the link it tells you that you can download the 5.0 browser even though aol 5.0 doesn’t come out untill this fall. Try typing browser into their keyword or into their search box, should send you to the download, I believe you can get there through the keyword function “browser”. Doesn’t look any different than the old one but does seem to work better and slightly differently in certain situations.

AOL sucks my ass. Get a real ISP people!!

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Ok, well, finally got it downloaded…(please notice that it’s after four in the morning… can we say “insomnia”?)

I’m not noticing any clicky sounds, other than those of my mouse, and I’m too interested in getting out of here for an early breakfast to pay any attention to their “Tell me about AOL 5.0’s new features.”

It seems pretty much the same to me thus far, though.

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