AOL 6.0, suck my six A-holes!

It does. Wow, you’ve rearranged some of the windows. Holy crap that’s gotta be an impressive feat of engineering. IMs now have “smilies?” Um…
This is a smilie :slight_smile: This is too :mad: This is after you get done sucking my dick :eek:

These :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: O:-) :-X are NOT smilies, no matter how you package them. And showing us what they could be, by giving us the graphic, but not allowing us to use the actual graphic as the smilie, is like the online version of a bait and switch. Either give us the real smilies, or stop showing us their typographical equivilant, I’ve got two brain cells to rub together, I’ll figure them out on my own, thanks.

But the worst, I repeat, THE WORST part of AOL 6.0 is that, after you sign on, AOL somehow takes it upon itself to sign you on to other online services as well. Excuse me, but if I don’t open ICQ, I don’t want it open. If I don’t open AIM, I don’t want it open. What is so hard to figure out. I sure as hell don’t want my ICQ and AIM accounts opened by other people logging on to this computer.
Yes, yes, you ask me afterwards if you want this to open on default next time as well. I click no. You still do it anyway! What part of N-O do you not understand?
I opened AOL, you virus infested piece of crap. If and when I choose to open another program, you’ll be the first to know. Stop opening them for me!
This probably isn’t the greatest rant in the world. I’m just quite upset by this and I want it to stop ASAP.

Seriously man, that is a lot of assholes for one person. Are you from Southpark, CO?

AOL- Always Overstepping Limits


Simple solution, reinstall 5.0.

They even have fucked up some email shit in 5.0.

I got this lame ass “Mail you haven’t sent” message when I signed on to it earlier today. Well guess what, I had sent that mail and most had replies to it.

I was a beta tester for 6.0 until the download would have taken me half a day. Thankfully I don’t use AOL for my primary dial up…I am on Earthlink and use AOL’s TCO/IP to check my AOL crap. Next step is to get line-of-site access since I can’t get DSL or cable and my connection (no matter the ISP is at 26.4 98% of the time…I hate my phone company) sucks.

Anyhow, uninstall 6.0 and reinstall 5.0. It’s not perfect but it sure beats the shit you are dealing with now!

I get that same “You have mail waiting to be sent” message sometimes, and I’m on 5.0. I’m sorry I installed it. I will never, EVER be a beta tester for a computer program again, unless I can’t wait to get my hands on that program.

Oh, and I’m getting DSL next week or so. Then I’m dumping AOL AND Earthlink. I might install Juno as a back up, but I dunno.

Bah. I hate you. Our house is only a couple hundred feet out of range to get DSL. Bah!!


Ya gots ta keep in mind that AOL is idiot software targeted for idiot people. There’s lots of idiots in the world, and that’s why AOL is #1. And those idiots do whatever the idiot software says that they should do.

AOL: “Would you like to start up ICQ?”
Idiot: “ICQ? Is that the Internet?”
AOL: “Would you like to start up AIM?”
Idiot: “AIM? Is that the Internet?”
AOL: “Would you like a bullet to the head?”
Idiot: “Ah! THAT must be the Internet!”

AOL 5 used to do that to me until I dragged the icons for AIM and ICQ to the Recycle Bin and scrapped 'em. After that, no problem.

On a slight hijack,

I made the BIG mistake of trying out one of those “free” AOL cds.

It’s not a pop-it-in-and-go deal, which of course they won’t tell you ahead of time, but rather you need to supply a credit card and sign up for service whereupon you get your first month’s service for free. You need to cancel before the first month expires to avoid the automatic monthly charges.

After seeing how much AOL sucked shit and using it to establish real ISP service I called AOL to cancel. I was asked approximately 10 questions related to why I didn’t want AOL and what service I was going with instead. It’s none of their damn business and I simply answered with a “I just want to cancel my AOL account” over and over until “Ron”, the representative got the picture. Then comes pitch time. “Ron” adopts a disappointed tone and says, “Gee, that’s too bad, 'cuz we’re rolling out 6.0 and I would love for you to see that.” Well, “Ron”, your suck-shit service is still gonna suck shit even you if you pretty it up and repackage it. I decline his offer and repeat the aforementioned mantra, “Cancel… must cancel…” Next comes the incredible offer to extend my free trial offer for another 30 days. This after I call to cancel after my AOL online time totals a whopping 12.8 minutes. I repeat mantra.

Now I’ve received approximately 5 phone calls for AOL “representatives”… cough telemarketing scum *cough… wanting me to re-up. I even received two calls within 10 minutes of each other. I ripped that poor soul a new a-hole over that maneuver. And yes, each time I repeat “Put me on your Do Not Call List and remove me from your call list”.

I can’t wait 'til the grace period expires and they call me again. I’m gonna take action against these phuckers.

They could develop the best service in the world next month–I will NEVER use AOL after the way they’ve shown how they regard “customer service.”


Took three hours to download AOL6. Every time I would leave the computer alone for a minute it would try to start up, load half the welcome screen and lock up my computer. Bye Bye 666. Oh yeah, the new mailbox symbols when choosing “switch screen names”, does anyone else have to get two inches from the screen to see if the flag is up? Like the previous huge yellow square was so hard to see. And why, on the most expensive internet service, do I have to wait 5 minutes for the little advertisement in the corner to load before I can read my mail. As soon as I use up all my free time I am outta here. My Free Access from Alta Vista works better. AOL was never the best, but I live in a small town and they were first to offer us any decent access, I have tried to remain loyal but they’re getting way too annoying.

If you ask around you can still find copies of the AOL 3.0 installation CD. I have yet to see any reason to go beyond that version. (Version 4 had the insufferable taskbar that would not die. I don’t do taskbars).

If you’re running some sort of firewall, you should notice that AOL6 is doing all kinds of nifty things to you–such as initiating NetBIOS connections, which would potentially allow AOL to know not only what hardware and software you have installed, but also where you go online.

Uninstall that thing, and go back to 5.0 or 4.0.

Better yet, break out an old Windows95b CD and install 2.5 or 3.0.

Still better, just drop AOL.


At least you got to talk to an actual human being.

I dropped AOL well over a year ago. Back when I was still on AOL, I made a couple of calls to their long distance number to get local numbers for access.

Every month since then, even though I haven’t been with the service for more than a year, they’ve been billing me around $6.00 for “long distance call.” I’ve send them e-mails and gotten no answers other than quick responses which advise me to call their customer service. I call the customer service number and get a phone tree. Most of the time I can’t get through the phone tree. Once in a while I do actually get a human being, and said human being says there’s nothing he can do, send a letter. I send a letter. No answer. I send a second letter. Still no answer. I send a third letter. STILL NO ANSWER!!! I call the bank that issues my credit card. They send me a form. I fill out the form and return it. They reply they can’t stop accepting the charges because AOL contests them. AOL WILL TALK TO THE FUCKING BANK BUT THEY WON’T TALK TO ME!!!

As soon as it’s feasible, I’m canceling that damn card.

I’m beginning to understand why some folks go postal.

You don’t need to cancel the card. Dispute the charge to your credit card company. The back of your statement should have a form that you can fill out. As long as you fill it out correctly and include a copy of the cancel letter they should “charge back” those charges to AOL. After that you should only hafta call you CC bank if it happens again. At least that what we used to do at the CC bank I worked at. But YMMV.