AOL down?

For the last two and a half days I’ve been unable to access anything through AOL. It’ll let me sign on, but it can’t access any site. I’ve been getting website found, transferring 1%, 2%, 3%…until it craps out about 27-38% and says the server returned an unrecognized response.

I wouldn’t be here at all if I didn’t have a secondary ISP that I finally remembered tonight. I switched access numbers, so I don’t think it’s that (BTW, Gee, this alternate ISP sure is fast!).


I don’t understand the question mark in the subject header…

Yer pal,

Must be a local thing. I’ve been accessing regularly via AOL the last couple of days.

I get this regularly w/ AOL. Usually a restart fixes it, sometimes takes twice.

You can restart AOL? Wow. That’s power. :wink:

I wish!! I’d make it an ISP instead of the clusterf-, uh, interesting service it is now.

I have never understood why people use AOL. I guess they deserve what they get. You can get at least what AOL gives you with one of the free Internet-access providers – all for nothing. Try Freei at:


I use AOL because there are no (affordable) alternatives here.

Maybe I’ll try Freei, but netzero crashed every time I tried to set it up.

Those of you who are using business accounts can afford to laugh, but for some of us poor country folks, it’s AOL or Big Fred’s Bar & Grill & Online Service. I’ve tried some of the other ISP’s available in my area and I’ve gone back to AOL to get better service.

Baww Haaaa Haaaa Hawwww!

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