AOL Instant Messaging -- can you turn it off?

I habe AOL but I don’t know much about how to use it.

Sometimes I want to go on line but I dnot’ want others to know that I am on line. But anyone who knows my screen name knows instantly that I am on line through the instant messaging feature. Now, I know I can sign on under a differnt screen name to remain anonymous, but I don’t like to do this because I unable to check my email under my main screen name.

Can I make myself invisible to others so they don’t know I’m on line?

If you believe (truly) you are invisible, Jehovah will make it so.

Keyword: BUDDY, then click the Privacy Preferences button. Then you can choose the type of block you want. You can decide if you just want to block people from knowing you’re online, or if you want to block Instant Messages too.

Remember it’s a “sticky” option – to be visible again, you have to go back into that screen and choose a different pref.

This is probably a useless suggestion, because I assume that you’re relatively happy with AOL IM, but…

ICQ lets you choose what mode you’re in. I can turn it off, make myself invisible, make myself invisible to certain people, make myself visible to other people, and ignore some altogether. I love ICQ. I can also put a message on, and let my ICQ take messages for me as well. A lot of the time, I leave it on all day and put a N/A notice on when I’m not at the computer.

Alternate method:

Open up an IM box (control + I), then in the TO:____ box, type $IM_OFF. Type anything in the message box and click send. Repeat using $IM_ON in the TO:___ box to turn them on again.

In the instant message window you type this:

where you type the screen name you are sending a message to you type this instead:


and then in the body of the message type any character
any letter…

then hit send
to turn back on just replace “off” with “on” without the quotations

between the m and o you type the underline key which is next to the zero on your keyboard.
Let me know if this works.