AOL Screen Name Suggestions

Well the time has come for me to branch off from my mother’s aol account. So I created my very own account with my very own set of screen names today. The master name was created by the aol guy and is rather sucky, if you ask me. So now I have to come up with a new screen name all on my own.

I went to set up my new name and everything I wanted was already taken. Names I’ve tried…



I would like something cute but not too childish. Clever but not too complicated…

I searched far and wide, picked the brains of my room mate, even looked around on the web, but alas, no acceptable screen name was to be found.

So I turn to you my fine fellow dopers. Any suggestions?

How about Star1337 (1337 means elite)? StarTsarina?

If you’re married to the names you’ve mentioned above, try making them “l33t”:

SunshyneCutie becomes Sunsh1neCut1e, Sunshyn3Cuti3, etc.

CutiePie becomes Cut1eP1e, Cuti3Pi3, etc.

StarLyteStarBryt becomes St4rLyteSt4rBryt, StarL1t3StarBryt, etc.

The sad thing is that tons of names have already been taken on AOL. You could also try adding numbers to the end of the desired screen name, although numbers make it more difficult for others to remember (as do cutesy spellings).

Good luck!

How about Pezpunk’s Biatch!


Didn’t think so :slight_smile:

But that name’s already taken!

(I think I just said too much)
:wink: :wink:

Hey, dueling sigs! :slight_smile:

What about Stellar Cutie? :wink: I just checked, it’s available.

Corr, who has “Corrvin” and “OakFast” and “Fool Resistant” and “Lost in a Forest” and “Kopuss” (because hey, the cat might need to send some email)

personally, i’ve always hated any screen name with all these numbers in them. i’d suggest:
or something of the sort :wink:


oh, and hi caffy! [sub]what a waste of your first post![/sub]


Says who? :stuck_out_tongue: