AP: Love under influence of cocaine and other opiates

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Why the pit? There’s nothing here to pit, only pity. :confused:

I thought this was going to be about doing the nasty while high on opiates.

It can be. Porcupine, why don’t you tell us about your experiences in this regard. Please leave no detail unrevealed. :smiley:

Yeah, me too. I’m sick like that. :smiley:

Where’s Francis Bean?

ummm, d0odz, an opiate is something derived from opium, or at least something that stimulated the endogenous enkephalin receptors in the brain.

Cocaine, despite only a 4 difference in atoms in its stoichiometric formula versus morphine, is commonly known as a stimulant. One would think a hard bitten AP writer would be well versed in alternative chemistry :slight_smile:

Bah? Cocaine ain’t no opiate.

So did I. Was also hoping for some juicy article :smiley:

Well if you consider not being able to get it up, and if you do manage that, not being able to come exciting details… :stuck_out_tongue:

Temporary custody of 11 year old Frances Bean has been given to Cobain’s Mother, Wendy O’Conner.

I was going to metion that. I don’t even want to read the article if they don’t know the difference.

Now if that was Wendy O Williams, then that’d be a story!

(Especially because she died in '98…)

Still no correction. I think the editor must be high.

And this is news because?

I’d hazard a guess that the confusion between cocaine and opiates is in fact what Ludovic is pitting here.

We have a weiner!