Apartment hunting right now and I like to find a place that has these two things

A bathroom with a Egg Shell Color Tub instead of all white

A kitchen floor that is not white, but a dark color
Are those wacky requirements?


I think (a) will be much easier to find than (b.)

Why? I would think most places have dark color kitchen floors

Good luck being that picky if you’re renting.

I understand not wanting a white floor in the kitchen since they can be hard to keep clean, but why the eggshell colored bathtub? That seems like it will be hard to find.

I know, I may have to be flexible because I only have 90 days. I have a cream colored bathroom in my current place and wanted to get that again

No, the perception is it will always look dirty. I’ve scrubbed enough of them to tell you that’s not true, but the PERCEPTION persists.

I would think the white kitchen floor would look worse

White, yes, that’s why you almost never see them. Thinking back on all the apts I’ve had in my 22 years in the adult world, I’ve had a rainbow of beige/tan/stone laminate floors in my kitchens. In bought homes, I’ve seen mostly that, porcelain tiles in those shades, slightly darker grout in between them, medium-dark hardwood and dark cork flooring. he outliers were in houses I cleaned for my business - one a kelly green marble that I hated with the fire of a million suns as it could only be washed w/ HOTHOT plain water, then immediately dried b/c it streaked like a mofo, and a lake house’s lovely gray slate floor that never looked clean no matter what I used, yet was a rustic, gorgeous feature for the eye.

I’ve seen plenty of white floors in bathrooms and they’re all dreadful. Terrible idea people keep having and they keep being wrong.

I seen a couple of places with tan bathroom and kitchen floors which would be much better