Ape Shit

When did this phrase come into use and why? As in “The kid is going ape shit over his new Gameboy”.

Does it have to do with apes throwing thier shit? Or getting shitty when things get exciting?

We used it in the '70’s. My brother used to say " don’t get him upset ! remember, ape shit stinks"

Hey, I asked this many moons ago. I can’t find the link, though.
Something about apes throwing their shit around when excited.

Primates are known to fling feces when flustered.

They’re considered less evolved than we who merely draw mustaches on each other with the stuff.

This is the first I’ve ever heard of this. lieu you draw mustaches with poo-sticks?

Could lieu be refering to The Dirty Sanchez !??!

Sorry not gonna provide a link or even search for one from work.:eek:


and neither will I.

lieu, you clever thing. I know what you’re referring to ~ I remeber thinking it was the only post in that thread worth reading ~

I attempted to obtain a small quanity of “ape shit” from a zoo about 10 years ago for a gag gift. The zookeeper saw no humor in my request and said no.

I bet the phrase started out as “going ape.” It probably became popular after the original King Kong movie, meaning to throw a fit or stomp about with anger. You know, climb buildings and whatnot. Eventually the “shit” was tacked on for added emphasis only.

Further WAG - The the phrase “Going Bananans” followed “Going Ape” shortly thereafter.


First cite from 1951-52. Probably came from “going ape.” As pashnish said.

Similarly, batshit came around WWII.

Did going apeshit used to imply, more specifically, panic or fear? Gorillas leave fecal “fear trails” when frightened, for example when being pursued by poachers.

Samclem and pashnish have the right answers.