Apo Naproxin (Alleve)

I’ve lived with pain all over my body since the late eighties when I first went to a doctor about it. I’ve coped, got used to it, tried all the pain remedies without any significant pain reduction.

I heard about Alleve, sold over the counter in the US but was told it wasn’t availabe in Canada. Saturday I asked my doctor if there was a way to get Alleve, and he told me that periodically he travells to the States and buys a whole wack of it for his knee. Its really cheap in the States. It is available in Canada by prescription under the generic name, Apo Naproxin, and much more expensive.

My wife has a super drug plan at work.

Well, I’ve been on it for 5 days now and not a hint of pain. Its simply a miracle for me. Like getting glasses for the first time, amazed at what you were missing.

I haven’t encountered any side effects yet, but I’m aware of the controversy surrounding non steroidal anti inflamitory drugs.

Can anyone else share their experience with Apo Naproxin (Alleve) ?

I first encountered it as a prescription drug (Naprosyn) in the early 90s, for various sports injuries. It didn’t work as good as Vioxx (now banned in the USA), but it was a whole level above the usual over the counter stuff at the time.

Screw the antivirals and the advances in chemotherapy that happened concurrently. I’m convince naproxen sodium and Claritin are the wonder drugs of the 90s.

I have psoriatic arthritis in practically every joint, and naproxin is the one thing that will really knock down the inflammation and pain for a while. It works especially well if taken with some acetominophen for a synergistic effect.

Agreed. Every time I travel to the States, Aleve and Tylenol PM come back in my luggage. I also bring back a supply of Aleve for my boss - who once, without thinking, referred to me as his “supplier of little blue pills” :smack: You can guess which “little blue pill” most people thought of.

From the ads that I have been seeing on TV lately, it looks like Aleve is, or will shortly be, available in Canada.

My pill-running days are over at last.

I cannot believe naproxen is not OTC in Canada. Y’all can buy Tylenol with codeine but you can’t buy Aleve?

Naproxen is my NSAID of choice, as ibuprofen doesn’t do anything for me. Acetaminophen doesn’t work for me either.

Naproxen is my next step up if a BC doesn’t do it. But it works, and works well.

It is available over the counter in Canada now…

Naproxen is the only one I get any benefit from. It’s a keeper.

It rocks, I’ve been using it since I got a sample from my doctor when I was about 12, for allergy related headaches, and it worked like magic.

Tylenol does jack for me, and advil only works if I take four of them, which hurts my stomach.

I used to get horrendous period cramps, to the point I would be vomiting every fifteen minutes or so for hours from the pain. I found Naproxen and, so far as I can tell, my periods with it are like normal people’s periods without it, annoying, but not debilitating. I love it!

It’s good stuff for an arthritis sufferer like me, but the side affect for me is ringing in the ears, a common complaint for NSAIDs users.

I have spinal stenosis. (To save you from googling, it is arthritis in the spinal canal) It causes pinching on my sciatic nerve making my whole right leg hurt down into my foot. As said above Tylenol (acetaminophen) and ibuprofen did nothing for me. I can take 2 Aleve in the morning and get through most of the day. I also have some prescription strength Naproxen for days that will require more physical activity than usual.

I’ve had back surgery to no avail. Same amount pain as before the surgery.

The only problem with Naproxen (as with all NSAIDs) is that they are known for causing stomach ulcers and indigestion.

I now get heartburn much more frequently than I ever did before. But a couple of TUMS and I’m good to go. I try to limit the amount of Naproxen I take to either 2 OTC pills or 1 Rx per day. The heartburn is much more manageable than the leg pain.

I freaking love naproxen. I had it when it was prescription only, as Naprosyn DS, back in college when I had terrible menstrual cramping. Wow, it was amazing.

These days it’s a major weapon for me in knocking back my (comparatively minor) migraines, though I take it at high dosages that my neurologists approved.

I guess I’m in the minority, but naproxen does nothing at all for me, not for headaches or cramps or various injuries. Ibuprofen is where it’s at.

As someone who also takes Aleve for psoriatic arthritis, I have to ask: did a doctor advise you to take both naproxin and acetominophen at once? Or did you just discover it on your own via trial and error? Also, if you don’t mind my asking, how much do you take, and how often?

Aleve is also the only medicine I’ve found that eases my occasional headaches. I used to gain benefit from ibuprofin, but used too much back in college and now it has no effect on me. I’ve never had much luck with Tylenol either, headache-wise, but I’m always in the market for ways to manage my arthritis.

Wonder drug. I use it at the first sign of a headache (and I get really, really bad headaches), and it usually stops it in its tracks.

I know I’m really not supposed to do this, but I also take it before bedtime if I’m worried about waking up with a doozy of a hangover. Makes a world of difference the next morning. Like, a HUGE difference.

unless something drastic has changed in the last three months, one cannot buy Tylenol with codeine OTC in Canada.

My doctor told me it would work better if taken with acetaminophen. Maybe it’s a placebo effect on my part, but it does seem like I get more relief that way than just taking the Naproxin itself.

I take anywhere from 1-3 Naproxen, depending on how stiff I am, and chase that with 2-4 acetaminophen. The upper end is over the recommended doses, I know, but on the days when I can barely walk downstairs to my kitchen in the morning, I don’t want to mess around.

ETA Tylenol by itself has never seemed to do anything much for me either, but it does seem to work as a booster for Naproxin or ibuprofen.

[Cancels travel plans]

I have psoriasis and arthritis, so maybe I have the same condition as you. I’ll have to mention it to my doctor the next time I see him in six weeks.