Apocalypse 45 movie?

Apocalypse 45 is a film about WW2. From what I read it’s been seen limited times in limited theaters. It’s not available on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Does anyone know anything about this film, specifically when it might be released either via streaming or in theaters?

This is strange. It seems that it was supposed to be shown on Discovery over Labour Day but it wasn’t. The web page for the movie doesn’t list anything beyond some showing on November 11, 2020. The website as a whole doesn’t seem to have been updated since December.

About the only thing I can suggest, unless someone else knows more, is try to contact them - info@abramorama.com.

Am I the only one who, upon reading the thread title, thought it was an upcoming drama about the Trump administration?

No, no you are not. I came in to post the very same thing and you beat me to it by a couple seconds. I assumed from the title it was going to be a movie about the insurrection.