Apollo 13 TENTH ANNIVERSARY Edition???

Apollo 13 is being released on DVD as a special TENTH ANNIVERSARY Edition? How the hell did that happen? Ten years? Seems more like five!

Ten years? Seems more like a decade to me…

**Titanic **was eight years ago. How 'bout that?

Here you go

10 years.

Holy cats.

Ten years??

I thought that it was closer to 35 years since they’d launched Apollo 13. That would make this 1985.


2005 - 35 + 10 = 1985? “Wha?” indeed!

Well I guess that it was 51 years ago today that Sgt. Pepper told the band to play.

It seems more like twenty to me, but I realize that’s because the movie felt like it took ten years to end.

'95 was a pretty good year for movies. My ten favorites from that year:

The Usual Suspects
Twelve Monkeys
Get Shorty
Toy Story
The American President
Apollo 13
Crimson Tide
Dead Man Walking