Apollo 18: Vertigo inducing?

Rather than piggyback on the previous Apollo 18 thread, I decided to start a new one to ask my question:

Is Apollo 18 all or mostly “shaky cam” work? I’m subject to vertigo. I had to walk out of Cloverfield because I was getting sick from the constant camera motion.

Some shaky cam work is ok, but if most of the movie is shot this way, I won’t be able to see it.

So someone who has already seen it: is it all handheld, shaky cam?


Yes, parts of it are in shakeycam, parts are stationary cameras. I didn’t have any problems, but I generally don’t in that regard.

It’s a slow-burn entertaining horror film that really should get some award for the documentary style. It’s very cool retro-horror.

Are there a lot of shit-pops-out gotcha moments? I like thrillers but I hate that pop-out shit.

Example: I loved the Blair Witch Project (the first one) and Paranormal Activity (the first one) but hate most other horror movies where they use cheap scare tactics.

Mmm, there’s a couple, but it’s mostly subtle stuff, combined with the general creepiness of the Moon.


If you don’t really like spiders, you might not like this one.