Apparently freezing ruins ink

Moving into a new room a couple of weeks ago required that I leave some stuff in my car for a few hours in the single digit degree temperature. I was sure to not make my paints to that punishment, but I forgot about my printer.

The other day when I needed to print up a paper I found that the cartridges had ink, but nothing would come out. I had to skip my first class the next day to print my paper. We were going to sculpt from a nude model. Damnit.

So for future reference: Yes, freezing ruins ink cartridges.

Bummer. Not like those are cheap, either.

On a side note, freezing also ruins some kinds of lipstick.

I went to work this morning wearing a shimmery pink lipstick. It was about -32 outside. When I got there it had turned completely white. It looked like I’d dipped my mouth in frosting. It was weird.