"Apparently if you're going to have Alzheimer's it's a good one to have. That's lucky

Pterry speaks with the Daily Mail…

My favorite quote…“Apparently I reacted to this situation in a reasonably typical way, with a sense of loss and abandonment with an incoherent, or perhaps I should say, violently coherent fury that made the Miltonic Lucifer’s rage against Heaven seem a bit miffed by comparison.”
Can we please start working on Stem Cell research so that we can kick insidious diseases like this in the fork?

I agree, I think stem cell research ought to be made a major priority. Fortunately, both Obama and McCain are in favor of it, so whoever wins the election, we’ll be a step closer to many new cures.

I’m a big proponent of stem cell research, but unfortunately Alzheimer’s is not likely to be a disease aided by stem cell therapy. Parkinson’s is a much more likely target.

ETA: Cite: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A29561-2004Jun9.html

Do you have any idea how much work is already being done on Alzheimer’s? It’s a huge, huge area of research. We’re trying!