Apparently some people are naming their pets "Fauci" after Dr. Fauci

Pure MPSIMS stuff…

I saw the Tweet below and had to share. Love it.

First comment: “Dr. Meowci. World expert on infectious cuteness”

Better than “Covid.”

Do they also see “Bowchi” or “Pawchi”?

Couldn’t resist.

I guess one can’t really ask for a better legacy or indicator of how well liked you have become with the public.

Hey, I’m waiting for next year to find out how many people have named their COVID-19 babyboomer child “Corona”.

Oooooh! Monty I so want to reply to that but I’m not sure it wouldn’t get a mod note…argh I’m practically bouncing in my seat
“Mistah Kottah Mistah Kottah…”

Fauci is a really dumb name for a pet. Most people don’t realize it but pets prefer ordinary pet names. Dogs love names like Spot, Buddy, even just being called Puppy because no one ever thought of a better name. Cats prefer names like Fluffy and Tiger. Obviously those aren’t the only pet names, there are plenty more, but think of your pets dignity and how they’ll feel knowing other pets are snickering behind their backs about some goofy name you gave them.

Also, remember that whatever name you give a pet, some day they’ll get out and you’ll be wandering around your neighborhood shouting their name.

“Fauci” is a whole lot easier to yell from the back porch than “Coronavirus!”

“Pandemic” wouldn’t work very well, either.


“Shit Gibbon” is a problem as well.

You can send me your intended reply via message. :grinning:

It’s a lot better than naming your Labrador “Wakefield”.


Reminds me of this scene from “The Jerk”:

“Don’t call that dog ‘Lifesaver’. Call him ‘Shithead’.”

I had a really wonderful dog named Maxwell Edison, after the serial killer in a Beatles song.