Apparently, "The Deal" With Airline Food Is It's Dog Meat

Well, not really, but apparently crews of Vietnam Airlines have been smuggling the stuff.

According to the Vietnamese girl I used to date, it’s only Vietnamese rednecks that eat dogs. (Wonder if they consider the Marmaduke comic strip to be food porn?)

Oh, boy, just in time for my trip to Vietnam!

I doubt this is going to win me any friends, but I’ve had dog in Hanoi. I’m one of those people who has to try everything, but this was even a bit weird for me. I’ve been told it’s more a North Viet Nam thing, and you have to seek it out. It’s not like there is a Tail o’ the Pup on every corner. It was pretty bad. There was a sausage thing, a weird hamburger cutlet thing and a completely scary piece of meat that was circular with a ring of fat around it. I can only guess what that was, but if you drink enough of that murky alcoholic rice drink, you can get it down.